Friday, January 15, 2010

The FIRM: Advanced Cardio Blast Review

The FIRM: Advanced Cardio Blast
Lisa Kay, 2004

This dvd is from the Firm Body Sculpting System III. It features the Firm Box (aka deathbox) but I use my TransFirmer with it. They are both step boxes that can be set up on an incline. Love the idea-and love the TransFirmer that came out later but the Firm Box had its issues-hence the "death box" nickname.

Lisa Kay leads with 4 background exercisers. Libby does the beginner modifications. Lisa's cueing is good in this one-better than many of her others. The set in this system is a tiny bit dark. The ladies are each on their own little round platforms and they often turn their boxes to the side. I think that was a bad idea-makes it too hard to see them and to see your TV if you turn your box to the side. I just keep mine facing front and am able to follow along just fine.

This is a 30 minute cardio only routine. Its one of the few Firms that dont use any weights at all. There are floor aerobics, box aerobics, tall box climbs, and incline box aerobics sections. Its a typical Firm in some senses-straight forward moves, non dancy and athletic. Easy to follow-if you have taken a step class in the past, most Firm w/o's should not be too tough to catch onto. What does make this one different from other Firms the lack of dumbbells-no four-limb work, no cardio breaks.

Its quick moving and will burn a lot of calories in a short time. It is low-advanced IMO. Its not Insanity or anything but I dont think a beginner or out very of shape person could keep up.

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