Friday, January 15, 2016

FitPrime Kickbutt Parts: QuickStart - 4 Day Quickie

Fitness Favorites presents digitally remastered FIRM, FitPrime, & KickButt favorites, some for the first time EVER on dvd, and some new collections!  Stay tuned for detailed reviews of more awesome Fitness Favorite dvds and below is my review of FitPrime Kickbutt Parts: 6 Day Trainer 6 Day Slam a new compilation available on 2 DVDs in one sturdy DVD case.  Read my reviews below of these two discs below.

FitPrime Kickbutt Parts: QuickStart - 4 Day Quickie
Melissa Grill, Heidi Tanner, Tamela Hastie, Keli Roberts, Kimberly Spreen, 2015

This DVD contains 4 15 minutes parts routines and a workout calendar on the back of the DVD case. You will need dumbbells, a tall step, a dowel, and a yoga block for these routines. You can select one workout from the main menu. 

Upper Body 1: Exercises include a fun 4 limb cardio segment, pushups on the box, balance French press, balance military press, balance front & lateral raises, pec fly, weighted lying core work, yoga block pushups, knee pushups & elevator plank series, standing balance work using the stick & breath work.

Lower Body 1: Exercises include a crunch series, a leg press using the dowel, dips & aductions using the dowel, heel pedals. Many of these exercises use one dumbbell or now weights and use the dowel for balance.

Upper Body 2: Exercises include a fun 4 limb upper body  routine, leg press, lat row, isolation bi curls, shoulder shrugs, upper back fly, and a seated stretch. 

Lower Body 2: Exercises include oblique & core work, roundhouse kicks using the dowel, side leaning leg circles, donkey kick series, short lunges & bi curl, and unweighted side lunges & rotation.  Many of these exercises use one dumbbell or now weights and use the dowel for balance.

These are low intermediate routines that are great for days when you are short on time or do more for a longer workout. Moderate pace allows for moderate weights. You can easily add weights to the lower body work to up the intensity. These routines contain strength, cardio, and a few yoga/pilates inspired exercises. I received this DVD to review. 

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