Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Element Targeted Toning Yoga DVD

Element: Targeted Toning Yoga
Meaghan Kennedy Townsend, 2015

This DVD contains three separate 20 minute yoga routines. You can mix & match from the main menu to create your own mix; a warm up & cool down (corpse pose) are automatically added to your routine. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The DVD is done in voice over & filmed in a lovely green plush garden area.

Abs & Core: Poses include breath work, gate, cat cow, bird dog knee pulls, plank, breath of fire, childs pose, down dog, forward fold, mt. pose, 3 legged plannk, chair pose, boat to 1/ boat, table pose, supine leg drops, and seated forward fold.

Glutes & Thighs: Poses include seated stretches, Mt pose, chair pose, toe chair, single leg chair, forward fold, low runners lunge, crescent, warrior 3 and low hold, down dog, horses breath, twisted chair, warrior 2, side angle pose, reverse warrior, and sumo shifts.

Arms & Shoulders: Poses include seated stretches, chair with goal post arms & pull downs, forward fold, down dog, chataranga push-ups, childs pose, dolphin, warrior 1, arm balance sequence, bound angle pose, and eagle pose.

I rate these intermediate routines that can be modified to fit most fitness levels. Each routine contains stretching, yoga poses, and targeted strength poses. I like Meaghan, she is obviously very knowledgeable and provides great form reminders and also provides the sanskrit pose name. I like that the routines are not the same old sun salutation/ vinyassa flows that I find in many yoga DVDs. Each routine is very different than the other. I received this DVD to review. 

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