Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Coco Joy: THE Best Coconut Water I Have Ever Tried, Amazing Coconut Oil, & Delicious Flavored Coconut Milk Drinks

I will start by saying Coco Joy is the BEST coconut water I have tried- by far. I really wanted to like other coconut waters, I keep trying new brands and various flavored coconut waters even, but they are all meh to me. They just never seem to be worth the calories and I never even finish them when I buy them & end up tossing them. UNTIL Coco Joy- my coconut water world has changed. Coco Joy tastes like a macaroon cookie. Rich flavor, lightly sweet but not overly so and simply amazing. I shared one with a friend and she agreed- AMAZING. The ingredient list is: Coconut Water. Nothing more, no added sugars, no preservatives. I dont know how Coco Joy is so much better than the competition but IT IS! Seriously the only coconut water I will ever buy. Coco Joy also offers amazing flavored coconut milk - think banana, coffee, and chocolate. They are like chocolate milk but dairy free, made with delicious, creamy coconut milk. And lets not forget about their amazing coconut oil that I use for cooking, DIY beauty products and more. Keep reading to learn more.

Like I said, the coconut water is amazing. I love to use it in infused waters. Add 1/2 Coco Joy, 1/2 regular water, some sliced fruits and some fresh herbs for a super refreshing beverage. My favorite is Coco Joy, water, sliced strawberries, and fresh mint. SO refreshing and tastes like a guilty pleasure but its healthy for you! Coco Joy is all natural, has no added sugar, preservatives or concentrates, and is packed with natural hydrating electrolytes. Coco Joy Coconut Water gives you the sweet flavor of all natural, pure coconut water from 100% green coconuts. And it’s gluten, lactose and dairy-free. Coconut water is a great after workout drink to replenish electrolytes and potassium.

  • I use coconut oil for most of my cooking because it is a healthy alternative to other cooking oils and it just tastes so amazing. Coconut oil has a high smoking point, coconut oil can be used at very high temperatures without becoming unstable and oxidising in the body. I actually started using my Coco Joy coconut oil as a coffee creamer instead of those chemical laden flavored creamers they sell in the stores. Use of coconut oil can curb sugar cravings and energy slumps (it def helps to pick me up & keep my sugar levels stable using it in my coffee!).

    Use coconut oil instead of butter, olive oil, vegetable oil or margarine in recipes, for baking, frying and more. I also use it as a lotion, eye makeup remover, face moisturizer, and its great in my hair.

    Coconut oil contains short-term medium-chain saturated fatty acids that stimulate the body’s metabolism, and increase the activity of the thyroid. Its antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties help boost the immune system and the fatty acids have been found to benefit digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and microbial related tummy bugs. I use it as a mouthwash (aka oil pulling) and it freshens my breath way better than any store bought mouth wash.

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