Monday, March 14, 2016

BIY (Brew It Yourself) Bone Broth Kits! Super Healthy, Super Tasty, & Super Easy!

Im sure have heard all the rave around bone broth and for good reason, bone broth is FILLED with nutrients that the typical modern American diet lacks. Not sure where to start or how to make bone broth? Look no further than Brew-It-Yourself Bone Broth Kits. Everything you need to make your own bone broth and it is SUPER easy! Empty contents into your crockpot, add water & set on low! Thats it. It slow cooks to draw out all of the essential nutrients and of course all the flavor. Best yet, BIY Bone Broth kits are made from grass fed beef, free range chicken, and pasteurized pork. Keep reading to lean more. BIY contains vitamins & minerals that our bodies are lacking & that help improve our health such as gelatin, amino acids, and collagen. It can also help your body function better & therefore assist in weight loss. 

Get your kit in the mail and store in your freezer until ready to use. I couldnt wait to make mine so I started on mine right away. Its super simple and the kit contains everything you need: a mouth-watering blend of organic herbs and veggies and free range chickens. The flavor is rich & this is not your bland, stale supermarket canned or boxed broths. You are getting premium ingredients to make super-fresh BIY Bone Broth with ease in your own kitchen. It makes a generous 16 cups of broth — plenty for you, your friends and family to enjoy! I am enjoying a cup of warm broth with my dinner every night!

What is in their broth: 
  • Free-range chicken bones
  • Organic carrots
  • Organic onions
  • Organic honey dates
  • Organic ginger
  • Organic bay leaves
  • Organic cardamom

What’s not in their broth:
No added salt, sugar, preservatives, chemicals, MSG, artificial flavors or colors
No gluten, soy, dairy and genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Bone broth is approved and recommended by the Paleo, Primal, Wahls, GAPS, AIP, 21DSD and Whole30 diets. BIY uses non toxic packaging and contains nothing artificial.

Why BIY bone broth?

Bone broth gives your body and bones the minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.) it needs and allows you to absorb the most bioavailable nutrients in whole food, rather than synthetic, form. It can improve your digestive function to relieve issues (IBS, colitis, Chrohn’s disease, etc.) and make your skin, hair and nails (broth contains hyaluronic acid, silicon, proline, collagen) grow faster & stronger. Accelerate wound healing from injury and recovery time from exercise (broth contains glycine) and will help your joints (broth contains chondroitin sulfate, glycosaminoglycans). Build up your blood quality and prevent anemia (broth contains glycine). Decrease symptoms of arthritis and musculoskeletal pain (broth contains gelatin, cartilage) and it helps to increase your liver detoxification pathways (broth contains glycine).

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