Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kiss Me I'm Irish 8k

Did an 8k this past weekend. Since Ive never done an 8k before (done 5, 10, and 15- but never an 8) this was my best 8k time lol. I am still recovering from the back injury (sniffle) and have now been recovering from bronchitus and walking pneumonia so needless to say my time was not amazing but it was not bad. This has certainly been my most unhealthy year to date but Im glad I am still getting out & getting in some runs. This one was fun! My youngest niece did the kids 1k and she finished in 3rd place!! She has been "training" with me when I exercise (read she plays with my fitness gadgets & wears weight lifting gloves & a headband while I work out) so see, hard "work" does pay off. 

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