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RIPPEDISM: The Cellar Legs Review

RIPPEDISM is a 60 day program consisting of 17 streaming workouts available on the RIPPEDISM website.  The workouts are perfect for home use and dont require a lot of space or equipment. The RIPPEDISM workouts are only 35 minutes each, but they are intense, modifications are available! With the RIPPEDISM program you will get everything you need to get ripped in only 60 days, and the best part, the program is only $19.95! You retain access to the streaming package when you purchase, it does not cut off in 60 days!!! Read all my RIPPEDISM reviews here.

RIPPEDISM: The Cellar Legs 
Jeff Hirsh and Stu Lopoten, 2016

Stu & Jeff both lead this 33 min routine, alternating performing exercises, and training. They work out in a brick studio with one backgrounder who uses lighter weights & offers somee modifications. You will need a variety of dumbbells for this routine.

This routine is 45 seconds weight work followed by 15 seconds break, with some one minute breaks throughout. After a warm-up, exercises include: squats, curtsy pulses, wall sit variations, speed skater, bridge pulses, single leg squat, chair pose hops, calf raise variations, sump to calf raises, weighted moguls on toes, narrow static lunges, drop squat to calf raise, sumo jacks to floor touch, single leg bridge, single leg hop, chair pose, 
and a cool-down & stretch.

I rate this a lower advanced workout following the boys, mostly strength, calf heavy, & a little cardio. I like that they use weights for all the moves, even the bridge work. The interval format allows you to give it your all for 45 seconds and then quickly recover, and the one minute breaks are nice. The timed intervals also allow you to go at your own pace & you can really heavy up if you want to. Great for most all fitness levels. I received this workout to review.

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