Monday, April 4, 2016

RIPPEDISM System Intro: Quick. Easy. Ripped in 60 Days.

RIPPEDISM is a 60 day program consisting of 17 streaming workouts. The workouts are perfect for home use and dont require a lot of space or equipment. You will need a range of dumbbells and an optional pull-up bar and that is it! Of course have a mat and water handy. The RIPPEDISM workouts are only 35 minutes each, but they are intense, modifications are available! With the RIPPEDISM program you will get everything you need to get ripped in only 60 days, and the best part, the program is only $19.95! You retain access to the streaming package when you purchase, it does not cut off in 60 days!!! Keep reading to learn more about the set & stay tuned for detailed reviews of the workouts on the blog. 

RIPPEDISM includes:

  • 17 Unique Streaming Workouts 
  • 3 Book Downloads
  • Complete Diet Training & Nutrition Info
  • Healthy Recipes & Food Lists
  • Workout Calendars & Rotations
  • And TONS of Great Info

RIPPEDISM is broken down into three tiers:
Tier I: Cardio & Muscular Endurance: This tier will build the foundation to get you ready for the next stage. You will build cardio and muscle endurance as you prep for the  tier 2. 

Tier II: Strength & Muscle Building: This stage brings you controlled movements with heavier weights that will increase your power & muscle mass. The heavy weight work will have you breathing heavy & a cardio day is included.

Tier III: Shred & Carve: This tier is intense, but you will have been working towards it from tier I. The focus of this tier is getting you ripped!

The program includes cardio, plyo, body area specific training, full body weight work, cardio & strength combo workouts - everything you need to get RIPPED! 

Creators, Jeff & Stu have been training high end clients in New York City for years and they have put those exact programs into this set. Jeff is a tri-athlete, boot camp instructor and ISSA certified personal trainer. Stu is a NASM certified personal trainer and teaches a variety of classes in New York. Stu is a former Wall Street attorney & has been on The Bachelorette on ABS, All My Children, and Saturday Night Live. Jeff is a sucessful fitness & exotic vehicle entrepreneur.

RIPPEDism offers intense options & modifiers - so the set is very versatile. The program is designed to burn off body fat & carve out a ripped physique. The program building blocks are: fast & effective workouts & dietary overhaul. AND when you buy RIPPEDISM -they donate a membership to a young person without resources-so cool!!!

You pay with paypal, get a username & password, and sign in. It is very easy! Their customer service is amazing so if you have any problems at all-just email them! You have your own homepage on the site that includes a welcome video, calendars, workout logs,

For More Information, Visit: 
RIPPEDISM on the web
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