Monday, May 9, 2016

REVIEW: Tendu Toning: Where Ballet Meets Fitness

Tendu Toning
Rachel Speck, 2016

Rachel leads this 67 min barre style workout in a gym with 2 backgrounders, one providing beginner modifications. You will need a barre or chair, a band, light weights, ankle weights, gliding discs, and an unweighted ball for this workout. The workout is fully chaptered and the segments. The girls work out barefoot.

Rachel has you wear ankle weights for the duration. After a warm up, exercises include a squat series using the barre and ball, squat calf raise, squat with the ball in between knees & bi curls, static squat with ball squeeze, static relovet & overhead tri drop, standing pretzel series with the ball behind your knee, single leg attitude squats, attitude knee pulls, glide out plies & lat raise, plie hold & lat raise, plie pulses, standing donkey series with the band tied to the barre, glide lunges with front raise adding a glute raise, kickbacks, tri raise, supine leg drops, double crunches with ball pass, bicycle, sit ups to V twist, and a cooldown & stretch.

I rate this an advanced workout. Adding ankle weights & using the ball bring a whole new dimension to these exercises. I was definitely feeling the burn on this routine. Lots of variety so you dont feel repped to death. Lots of multi-muscle moves to get the heart rate up and she covers all the muscle groups. I like Rachel, great instruction & cuing. I received this DVD to review.

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  1. Rachel is an awesome instructor. I have been training with her for a couple of years. I absolutely love her Tendu Toning program. Talk about getting firm...... I highly recommend this program.

  2. so awesome! I really liked her in this DVD, hope she puts out more :)