Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier: Generates Millions of Plasma Ions

I am very excited to tell you about my latest healthy living find:  Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier. Every day we are exposed to dust, mold, bacteria and Volatile Organic Chemicals. They’re everywhere on our keyboards, on our phones, and in the air. and yes, they can make us sick. Part of a whole healthy lifestyle includes breathing in clean air. The Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier, releases negative ions in the air which block all the unhealthy ones that inundate us every day.

This small air purifier is designed to reduce the body’s stress response caused by exposure to harmful chemicals and organisms. It lightens the daily toxic load that is placed on us without creating super bugs! Very important! It releases an invisible large cloud of negative and positive ions. With 23,450,000 ions per cubic centimeter the Breathe Safe helps neutralize bacteria, viruses, and fungus by repeatedly robbing hydrogen molecules from pathogen protein surfaces. The whole ionic process releases energy and reduces Volatile Organic Chemicals, particulates, spores, odors and dust mites.

The Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier is small and compact! It will easily fit on your desk, by your TV, in the kitchen or anywhere. All of our electronics these days generate positive ions. Think of how many electronics we have going at any time: computers, TVs, stereos, microwaves, and more -these can def exacerbate our allergies, stress and sleeping problems. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions by bonding together with the positive ones, and can help clean & purify the air we breathe. 

The Breathe Safe does not require a ton of power & you can even take it on the go. It operates on just 2 watts of power and can work with several different electrical adapters, such as a 12V Cigarette Lighter. 

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