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NEW From Fitness Favorites Fitprime & Kickbutt Parts: QuickStart - 4 Day 4 Way Mini Fusion

Fitness Favorites presents digitally remastered FIRM, FitPrime, & KickButt favorites, some for the first time EVER on dvd, and some new collections!  Stay tuned for detailed reviews of more awesome Fitness Favorite dvds and below is my review of FitPrime Kickbutt Parts: 6 Day Trainer 6 Day Slam a new compilation available on 2 DVDs in one sturdy DVD case.  Read my reviews below of these two discs below.

FitPrime Kickbutt Parts: QuickStart - 4 Day 4 Way Mini Fusion 
Melissa Grill, Heidi Tanner, Tamela Hastie, Keli Roberts, Kimberly Spreen, 2015

This set contains 2 DVDs, each with eight 15 minutes parts routines and a workout calendar on the back of the DVD case. You will need dumbbells, a tall step, a dowel, and a yoga block for these routines. You can select one workout from the main menu. Each routine has its own short warm up & cool down. 

Disc one is KickButt and contains eight workouts. Each one contains some upper body, some lower body, cardio, core work, and also some stretching and yoga. Disc One contains:

  • KickButt Volume 1 Day 1 Chest & Tris
  • KickButt Volume 1 Day 2: Legs
  • KickButt Volume 1 Day 3: Back & Bi's
  • KickButt Volume 1 Day 4 Butt
Disc two is FitPrime and contains eight workouts. Each one contains some upper body, some lower body, cardio, core work, and also some stretching and yoga. Disc Two contains:

  • FitPrime Volume 2 Day 1 Chest & Tris
  • FitPrime Volume 2 Day 2: Legs
  • FitPrime Volume 2 Day 3: Back & Bi's
  • FitPrime Volume 2 Day 4 Butt

These workouts really contain a ton of great footage including: fun kickboxing routines, 4 limb work, plenty of great core work, isolation strength exercises, and simple choreo cardio routines. Each title is body part specific but the workouts really work the entire body, include some stretching, cardio and some yoga. Low on time to workout but want to "get it all in" these are the routines for you. Fitness Favorites seasoned instructors provide excellent instruction as always. These are non-dominant trainers, meaning that you work your "weaker" side first. 

I rate these high beginner to low intermediate routines. Great to string together for a longer workout. They are pretty mellow and cover a lot of genres in only 15 minutes each. They are more of a total body workout than body part specific routines. Great workouts for those days when you dont have a ton of time but want to get an all inclusive feel good workout in. I received this DVD set to review.

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