Wednesday, June 1, 2016

REVIEW: Suzanne Bowen's BarreAmped Fire

BarreAmped Fire
Suzanne Bowen, 2016

Suzanne works out alone in a nice studio. You will need a barre (or chair) and light weights for this workout. The DVD contains four 11-28 minute segments, and a 12 min advanced stretch routine. Each routine contains its own quick warmup & cooldown.

Total Body Sculpt: (28 min) Exercises include plie & arm extensions, plie calf raises & bi series, balance stick glute raise & lat raises, balance tick pulse with tri work, toe squat series, plank series, side plank series, tri dips, leg drops, leg pullies, bicycle, & single leg bridge.

Sleek & Toned Shoulders: (11 min) Exercises include  arm scissors, extended arm cross overs, rotator cuff series, wide bent row, T raise & pulses, and tri push back & up series.

Thigh & Seat: (17 min) Exercises include plie series, relovet with pulses, close stance toe plies adding hip shifts, kneeling fallbacks, side lying leg work, pretzel, and table top series.

Ab Blast: (13 min) Exercises include side step knee pulls, small c curve series, single & double leg drops, lo back swimmer, superman, and lower back work. 

I rate this an advanced routine. As always, Suzanne is top notch; her instruction, cuing, motivation, and form pointers are excellent. Lots of effective & unique exercises make this a winner and a great addition to anyones library. I received this DVD to review.

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