Friday, July 22, 2016

REVIEW: Workout's a Drag

Looking for a unique fun workout that will also WORK you out? Look no further! Workout's a Drag is a workout, a performance, and a fun time. Most workout programs are created by fitness junkies, for the other fitness junkies - leaving the participant feeling left out and incapable of executing the program. Workout's a Drag is designed to include you in the fitness journey. Say goodbye to your fitness frustrations and get ready to feel empowered, confident, and fierce! BUT this is not a beginners routine that will leave you bored, this is a fun workout that will get your cardio on, and work your lower body, upper body, core, and booty! Lose weight, tighten up those problem areas, and work out your attitude along with your cast... oh and enjoy the show! 

Craig Ramsay, 2016

Craig leads this routine, with 4 fabulous background exercisers and Pandora Boxx provides timing reminders, and entertainment! The group works out on stage, complete with an audience. You will not need any equipment for this 68 minute routine and modifications are offered. Available on DVD & streaming.

The workout structure is 6 rounds of 5 one minute exercises, at the end of each exercise don't forget to strike a pose with the group. Each round is followed by a 15 second speed "performance." The rounds are: warm up, cardio, upper body, lower body, core, booty, and stretch. Exercises include: fast feet, low impact jacks, hopping kicks, can can knee & kick, swinging balance stick, cobra to childs pose, pushup to side plank, side lying tri pushups, tri dips & twisting reach, elevator planks, plie & abduct, deep curtsy & kicks, good mornings, runners lunge & kick, lunge hold & knee pulls, standing knee to elbow pull, crouching side burpees, Russian twists, supine fast scissor drops, donkey kicks, bridge circles, side lying kick series, chair pulses, and a stretch.

I rate this a solid intermediate routine, some of the exercises are higher intermediate but you do get some rest breaks for exercise demos. Unlike, many fun & unique routines, this one had me sweating and feeling the burn. All effective exercises, some nice little rest breaks and a fun upbeat mood make this a winner! Craig is an excellent instructor with great form pointers, cuing, & overall instruction. I would love to see future workouts in this series. I received this workout to review.

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