Tuesday, July 26, 2016

RIPPEDISM Joint Chiefs: Arms & Cardio Review

RIPPEDISM is a 60 day program consisting of 17 streaming workouts available on the RIPPEDISM website.  The workouts are perfect for home use and dont require a lot of space or equipment. The RIPPEDISM workouts are only 35 minutes each, but they are intense, modifications are available! With the RIPPEDISM program you will get everything you need to get ripped in only 60 days, and the best part, the program is only $19.95! You retain access to the streaming package when you purchase for one year! Read all my RIPPEDISM reviews here.

RIPPEDISM Joint Chiefs: Arms & Cardio
Jeff Hirsh and Stu Lopoten, 2016

Stu & Jeff both lead this 34 min bis, tris, & cardio workout. The guys alternate performing exercises, and training in their brick studio. You will need dumbbells for this workout. The workout structure is: 60 seconds bis, 60 seconds tris, 30 seconds cardio, 30 seconds rest. 2 bi & tri exercises per one minute round. 

After a warm-up, exercises include bi curls, French press, plyo lunges, wide bi curls, kickbacks, floor touch jump shots, hammer curls, tri dips, tri pushbacks, skater, narrow bi curl, supine tri drops, single leg tri dips, mt. climbers, concentration curls, tri pushupds, surfer hops and then repeat the entire set before the cooldown.

I rate this an advanced routine. 
Tier three workouts are a faster pace than tier two. The poundage is still heavier for the first 30 then drops in the final 30 seconds. I love the strength/ cardio interval sequencing in tier 3, making these my fav of the series. Lots of unique exercises and I really enjoyed the sequencing. My bis & tris were fried by the end of this routine. I received this workout to review.

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