Thursday, August 25, 2016

Organic Valley: Be Adventurous with Your Workout NOT Your Protein Shake!

Organic Valley recently launched a new campaign that encourages Americans to get weird with their workouts, but not with their nutrition (or recovery protein shakes!). If youre like me, you are always looking for the newest trend in fitness -hey I just may love it! But I know what I want in my nutrition -organic ingredients that I can pronounce from a company I trust. I love protein shakes, they are a quick & easy meal on the go, post-workout recovery, pre-workout energy, or a mid-afternoon snack. But if you have looked at some of the ingredients on protein drinks-yuck. Well Organic Valley Organic Fuel is different. It is a bottled protein drinks that not only taste amazing and have stellar nutritional info -they are also organic! 

More about their awesome campaign: Organic Valley knows the weird workout trend is exploding, at the same time recovery and clean nutrition is important as well. Organic Fuel is the number one organic protein shake, made with real organic milk and no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Fuel is perfect for healthy lifestyles who want organic, high quality ingredients – especially protein – that tastes great. And it is premixed so no shaker cup or blender needed.

Forget the chalky powder. Organic Valley gets our protein straight from the source, the naturally occurring casein and whey found in real, organic milk. Fast-acting whey protein helps promote muscle growth and strength while slow-acting casein inhibits the breakdown of protein and protects muscles. These proteins work together to help you build lean muscle, alleviate soreness, and keep your body performing at its peak.

A challenging workout depletes glycogen stores in your muscles, making you more likely to feel fatigued. Whether you are a crossfit junkie, gym-rat, DVD fanatic, runner, or weekend warrior Organic Fuel will replenish your body with the protein-to-carb ratio it needs to restore glycogen levels post-workout while building and repairing muscle. More of the good stuff means more energy to fuel your life! Chase after those little ones, lead a board meeting, kill your next workout, or walk your dog- Organic Fuel will power you through.

Organic Fuel is made with nine wholesome and organic ingredients, so you know you're getting all the good stuff you need—and nothing else. Their protein comes from real organic milk made by pasture-raised cows on Organic Valley family farms near you! Each bottle is packed full of 26 grams of organic protein. Available in chocolate and vanilla and believe it or not- even my DH loved him! He literally drank almost all of them. But I was happy to share, anything to share the health!

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