Thursday, September 29, 2016

Simply Fit Board: The Workout Board with a Twist

The Simply Fit Board is an exercise board that engages core muscles to improve strength and balance, while offering an easy and effective workout.  The Simply Fit Board comes complete with a workout DVD (containing over 60 minutes of workout footage), and a workout guide. It really is very easy to use and works on hard floors, exercise mats (for increased resistance), and carpet. The DVD includes a tutorial that explains every step of the way. It is low impact, easy to use, and fun! Great for exercisers of all levels; the DVD includes beginner to more advanced workouts. The Simply Fit Board is small and compact but can support up to 400 lbs and is available in a variety of fun colors. Keep reading for a detailed review of the DVD workouts that come with the board. 

Simply Fit Board
Gloria Hoffman, 2016

This DVD contains 6 complete workouts and a tutorial to get you started. Gloria leads with 2-4 backgrounders in a nice studio. You will only need your Board and dumbbells for these routines. Each workout includes a 2 minute twisting warm up and 1 min twisting cool down.

Basic Workout (9 min): You will perform 3 rounds of: bi curls, overhead press, tri press, rocking and one minute twisting.

Advanced Full Body Workout (14 min): You will perform 3 rounds of: deadlift to clean & press, squat pulses, push up- plank -board twist (hands on board),  plank kick throughs, and one minute of twists.

Abs & Core (10 min): You perform 3 rounds of: wood chop, plank to pike, spidy planks, knee pull planks or Mt. climbers, plank knee cross pull, and one min of twists.

Legs & Glutes (10 min): You will perform 3 rounds of: squats, squat rocks, bridge twisting the board with your feet, donkey kicks with hands on board, and one min twist.

Push Workout (11 min): You perform 3 rounds of: lat & front raise, tri push back, chest wipers, push-ups, and one min twist.

Pull Workout (9 min): You perform 3 rounds of: hammer curls, row, upper back fly, deadlifts, and one min twist.

These are intermediate routines that are fun & unique. The board is great to mix things up, keep your routine interesting, work your muscles in a new way, and to have fun while working out. Gloria utilizes the board for all exercises, either standing on it or placing your hands or feet on it when doing floor exercises. You will also use dumbbells for all standing work. I used 5 # or 8# dumbbells for the rocking and twisting and 10 #'s for the strength work. I found it easier to twist on carpet than on my puzzle mats, but both worked great. The puzzle mats provided more resistance and had me sweating right away. Gloria provides great form pointers, motivation, and offers modifications such as keeping your arms extended to make twisting easier, or bent -runner style to up the intensity. I enjoyed the board! Its small and comes with a lot of workout minutes for a great price. It does look similar to other pieces of equipment that I have used before, but this one is smaller and the twisting is a new move that the others dont allow. I received this to review. 

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