Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Next Sugar: Super Low-Cal, Natural Cane Sugar Blend That Blocks up to 50% of Sugar Absorption

For years, the health world has been on the search for a healthy and delicious alternative from natural sugar. With Next Sugar™, we  have found it!!  Next Sugar™ is the first clinically-tested, low glycemic, natural cane sugar blend that tastes just like sugar because it is real sugar. It is a unique blend of sugars that naturally and safely blocks up to 50% of the sugar from being absorbed by the body. This means that you taste the full sweetness and flavor of sugar without any unpleasant taste. Next Sugar™ is a proprietary blend of two natural plant sugars—cane sugar (or sucrose), and pectin sugar. Sucrose is common table sugar, the kind we’ve all grown up with. Keep reading to learn more.

It’s the careful combining of sucrose and pectin sugar that gives Next Sugar™ its incredible ability to block absorption of too much sugar into your body, making it a healthy alternative to sugar that’s every bit as sweet and delicious and not full of chemicals! Finally, we have found it. With only 5 calories per packet and 8 calories per teaspoon, Next Sugar is what we have all been looking for.

I am a huge advocate of the importance of using natural ingredients and that is what Next Sugar gives me. True health is all about making natural foods work for our body, and that’s exactly what they have done with Next Sugar. Available in packets and a large pouch, its great for your coffee, baking, cereal or more. 

We all know that reducing our intake of sugar has a dramatic positive effect on overall health and a significant reduction in risk for diabetes, and aids in weight loss. But, we know how hard it is to give up sugar entirely. Artificial sweeteners are bad for us and we know that. Next Sugar is a 100% natural cane sugar blend which works with your body’s natural processes to absorb far less than regular sugar.
Next Sugar™ is 100% natural sugar that’s been clinically tested as low glycemic sugar. It’s non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free and can be used in absolutely anything where regular sugar is used.

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