Thursday, December 8, 2016

Vacations for the Health of It Presents Fete Fix Caribbean Dance Workout DVD Review

Vacations for the Health of It was designed to create an empowering vacation experience for the fitness minded travelers. They also have a SUPER fun Caribbean dance workout DVD that I had the pleasure of reviewing. Keep reading to learn more about Vacations for the Health of It and read my detailed review of their awesome DVD below. 

Vacations for the Health of It:
I would LOVE to participate in this kind of vacation -one that leaves the traveler enlightened and ready to embrace a happier, healthier lifestyle. A healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, relaxation, and sleep will help improve the quality of your life. Taking time out for yourself lets you destress and unwind. A Vacation for the Health of It can be the jump-start you need to get back to a happier, healthier you! You will have a one-on-one nutrition and wellness counseling session with a registered dietitian where together you will strategize and come up with a plan to take back your health. Every day there will be group exercise sessions such as a power walk on the beach or a bike ride around the island, and additional customized guidance will be provided to get real about healthy living. You will receive recipes and cooking ideas, learn what to order in restaurants, and how to simplify your life to help you stay on track once you get home. You will go home with a personalized Vacations for the Health of It packet. The vacations are intended for small groups, never taking more than 10 participants in a session. Working out on the beach, being surrounded by a small group of like minded people, healthy meals provided- sign me up!!!!

Marcia Berlin

Marcia leads this fully chaptered Caribbean dance workout on a beach with gorgeous water and boats in the background along to great island style music. Marcia works out with 3 others, one leads the toning segment. You will not need any equipment for this super fun workout. 

After the warm up, exercises include heel digs, shimmy, hip rolls, body roll, figure 8 hips, hip bumps, slide, side lunge & reach, dips with flowing arm movements, curtsy, plie side bend & reach, cardio lunges & knee pulls, table top knee pulls & glute work, knee pushups, side plank knee crunches, crunches and a cool down. 

I rate this an intermediate routine in terms of intensity and choreography. I had no problems following the choreo and I am no dancer. This is a fun, feel good workout that will keep you moving and raise your heart rate. There is no TIFTing and it is easy to catch on to. It is also easily adaptable to the rebounder. I received this DVD to review. 

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