Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice Presents: Cheribundi Relax and Cheribundi Protein

I am really excited to tell you about Cheribundi tart cherry juice's newest editions, Cheribundi Relax and Cheribundi Protein. They provide all the delicious health benefits of the original Cheribundi Tart Cherry drink but now with added benefits! Each delicious bottle is packed full of delicious tart cherries & you can taste them with every drink. Both delicious varieties taste just like eating fresh healthy cherries. Cheribundi Relax contains added Valerian root for relaxation & to aid in sleeping and Cheribundi Protein contains whey protein to help you up your protein intake the delicious, Cheribundi way. Keep reading to learn more. 

  • Cheribundi Relax is made from Montmorency tart cherries, packed with natural melatonin for a better night's rest. Valerian root is added to help you fall asleep even faster. 
  • Cheribundi Protein tart cherry juice supports faster muscle recovery and has added Whey protein for the one two punch that build and repair muscle

In recent months, this product line has been called the newest Superfood by countless nutritionist and media because the benefits, supported by over 50 scientific studies. Tart Cherry juice can help with muscle recovery, aid in weight loss, support better sleep, increase stamina and more! Want to try for yourself? Try their 7 day challengeTake the challenge by adding one 8-ounce serving of Cheribundi tart cherry juice to your diet for seven days in a row. Improved sleep, faster workout recovery, and increased stamina in just seven days – or your money back! I am enjoying my challenge. On days when I need extra protein after a tough workout I enjoy Cheribundi Protein. On days when I need a good nights sleep I enjoy Cheribundi Relax.

Cheribundi Relax:

Did you know that tart cherries are one of the few natural sources of melatonin (a natural sleep aid)? Well Cheribundi has also added two more natural sleep aids, Valerian Root and L-Theanine (a green tea extract), to accentuate this benefit and promote a better night’s sleep. All combined with 40 tart cherries in every bottle you know you are getting a delicious healthy drink that can aid in overall wellness by promoting natural sleep. We all know how important a good nights rest is to our health.

Cheribundi Protein:

The benefits of tart cherries and whey protein are combined in this powerful blend for those with a more strenuous life or workout routine. Cheribundi Protein is designed to accelerate recovery and increase stamina. Sweetened with Stevia, Protein tart cherry juice has the same 8 grams of whey protein but with 1/3 fewer calories and 1/3 less sugar as our traditional Rebuild blend. This is perfect for a pre-workout pick me up or for an after workout recovery drink. It tastes amazing and contains 40 tart cherries and 8 grams of whey protein in each bottle.

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