Tuesday, October 24, 2017

REVIEW: Tendu Toning: Ballerina Strong with Rachel Speck

Tendu Toning: Ballerina Strong
Rachel Speck, 2017

Rachel leads this 65 minute full body ballet style workout in a real live gym with 2 background exercisers, one showing lower intensity options. You will need a barre or chair, ankle weights, an inflatable ball, exercise band, gliding discs, and light dumbbells for this routine. Each section has an intro screen telling you the next segment. Available on DVD or digital download.

Squat Series: after the warm up segment, exercises include squats, step out squats, squat pulses with heel raises, squat hold and knee presses, and calf raises.

Arababesque Penche: Exercises include single leg deadlifts with rear fly, attitude rear leg raises with rows,

Second Position Series: Exercises include single leg glider pliets, pliet hold with side bends, plie hold & forward bends, plie pulses, plie hold with calf raises, and toe plie hold & knee pushes.

Table Top: This is a standing donkey kick series including: kicks, pulses, and leg raise variations.

Curtsy Combo: Exercises include disc curtsy dips with lat band pulls, curtsy hold & band pulses, and curtsy pulses.

Abs & Arms: Exercises include upper body crunch hold with leg abductions & pulses, crunches, boat with bicep curls, boat with overhead press, boat & clean & press, bench press with toe drops, pec fly with double leg drops, skull crushers with single leg drops, and ribcage pullover & toe reaches.

Stretches: Stretches include: seated forward fold, lotus & forward fold, side stretches, low runners lunge, and standing forward fold.

I would rate this workout a high intermediate but you can follow the modifier for a less intense workout or adjust your poundage, or omit some equipment. I really liked this workout- I found the exercises to be unique and effective- I definitely felt the burn. I love the addition of the equipment making this workout a lot of fun, while still working those muscles. Rachel provides excellent instruction and form pointers throughout. I know I will get a lot of use out of this workout! I received this DVD to review.

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