Thursday, December 21, 2017

New Shoot Pictures Yoga for Everyone 5 DVD Set with Nadia Narain: Yoga Express

Yoga for Everyone is a NEW 5 DVD set from New Shoot Pictures featuring Nadia Narain. This set contains over 340 minutes of yoga work all led by Nadia. This set is a perfect addition to anyone's DVD library - from absolute beginner to fitness enthusiast, this set is well rounded & contains tons of wonderful footage. Looking for a gift for someone looking to up their fitness game this holiday season? Look no further- this is the set for you! 

Yoga For Everyone: Yoga Express
Nadia Narain

This DVD contains 7 ten to twelve minute yoga routines. Nadia works out alone and you wont need any equipment for these routines. The routines are done in voiceover. You can play all, select one routine, or mix & match to create your own routine.

Yoga Flow: The routine includes forward fold, down dog, plank, 3 legged dog knee pulls, warrior 2, plank to down dog, reverse warrior, chair pose, and crescent pose.

Core Flow: This routine includes seated breathing, torso circles, bird dog, plank, prong low back work, plank knee drops, childs pose, supine leg raises & leg drops, & criss cross forward fold.

Twist & Flow: This routine includes standing arm swings, twists, forward fold flow, down dog to plank, low lunge & twist, crescent & twist, low lunge & twisted prayer, cobra, seated twist variations, rear balance leg raises, and childs pose.

Heart Flow: This routine includes seated breathing & twists, side stretch, cat cow series, crescent pose & lat pull down, yoga flow, and camel series.

Stress Release: This routine includes standing breathing adding arm movements, finger brushing body- "wiping away stress," stroking & flicking "stress" off your body, hand shaking, light bouncing, arm shakes, childs pose, butterfly bridge pose, and corpse pose relaxing & contracting your muscles.

Relax & Unwind: This routine includes supine bend knee series, knee drops, bridge raises adding arm movements, cat cow, wrist rotations, table top hip circles, childs pose, shoulder rotations, neck stretches, supine low back massage, and corpse pose.

Meditation: This routine is a guided meditation series. You will begin sitting in criss cross style and then move to corpse pose to conclude your meditation.

These routines are appropriate for all fitness levels, from beginner to a more advanced yogi. I like the quicker pace of these routines so you get a great yoga routine in, in only 10 minutes. I received this DVD to review.

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