Monday, January 8, 2018

LEXO Travel Tumbler: Cools Your Drink to the Optimal Temperature in Minutes & Keeps it Hot for 12 Hours

LEXO is my favorite new mug- perfect for travel & home use. It is NOT your standard tumbler! The LESO travel mug quickly cools your beverage to the perfect drinking temperature and keeps it there! No more scolding your tongue on your hot coffee and no more drinking cold coffee half way through your cup. It was initially released last year and this year, they have a new & improved LEXO that is lighter and has new & improved lid options. Keep reading to learn more and watch the video below!

The LEXO travel mug was initially released last year and became so popular that ThermAvant had trouble keeping it in stock. This year, the company — founded by University of Missouri C.W. LaPierre Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bill Ma — has made the popular mug even better. Still sleek & attractive but now even lighter & some fab lid options. Check out the color variety below & check out the website to see the various size options- they have the perfect mug for you!

The original version of the LEXO mug used one of Ma’s four patents developed at MU to rapidly cool hot beverages such as coffee or tea to the ideal drinking temperature, then keep it warm for hours. It also keeps cold beverages nice and cool for hours on end. I love using mine for iced tea and water on hot days here in the dessert as well as for my coffee on my morning commute. 

The LEXO absorbs the extra heat of a beverage, cooling it to the ideal drinking temperature within minutes. It then releases that heat back into the coffee as it begins to cool, extending the optimal temperature for much longer than a standard vacuum-sealed travel mug.  The LEXO is able to do all this without the need for complex electronics or batteries.

The original LEXO keeps beverages at the optimal drinking temperature for up to 8 hours-which is impressive but check out the stats on the new & improved LEXO: The new 16-ounce mug can keep hot beverages warm for upwards of 12 hours and absorbs the heat to bring your beverage to a drinkable temperature much quicker thanks to a few enhancements made by Ma and his team at their headquarters here in Columbia.

The new version of LEXO weighs approximately 140 grams less than its predecessor.  The new lid  allows users to choose between a revised flip-top lid and a luxury Slide Seal lid. The Slide Seal lid has a button that slides back and forth to open and close, creating a leak-proof seal.

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