Monday, June 11, 2018

Good Idea Drinks: Amino Acid Sparkling Water To Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels & Crashes

Good Idea® – The Swedish Sugar Buster is a scientifically proven dietary supplement designed to go perfectly with any meal. The big deal is that Good Idea® – The Swedish Sugar Buster contains a blend of five amino acids and a mineral in sparkling water that can help those with normal blood sugar levels handle the sugar spike following a meal – and it works with any meal containing fast carbs and/or sugar. That´s why Good Idea® – the Swedish Sugar Buster might well be your best lunch date ever…and one that you can have every day! I had the pleasure of trying both the Orange Mango & Lemon Lime flavors and they are both fizzy perfection. Anyone that enjoys a sparkling beverage should try Good Idea- make the most of your drinks. Keep reading to learn more. 

Good Idea® – the Swedish Sugar Buster comes in two different flavors – Lemon/Lime and Orange/Mango – both of them are absolutely free from sugar and artificial sweeteners, and they contain only 10 calories per serving (12 fl oz). Both flavors are super delicious. If you are a fan of sparkling water- you need to try Good Idea- the sparkling water that works for you! I love the fizz & that they contain no sugar or sweeteners. Just carbonated water, fruit essence, & amino acids.

Meals with rice, fries or white bread – will make your blood sugar rise quickly and to a high level. In the long run, this could not only lead to weight gain, but could also be a damaging to your overall health. Good Idea® has been developed to help those with normal blood sugar levels handle the sugar spike following a meal.

Good Idea® – the Swedish Sugar Buster is the result of many years of research at Lund University – one of the leading universities in the Nordic countries, and a hub for healthy food inventions. The starting point was the discovery that a certain combination of amino acids – the building blocks of all proteins – could have a beneficial effect on the blood sugar rise following a meal. Repeated clinical studies have confirmed it really works, and it is this knowledge that has been built into Good Idea® – the Swedish Sugar Buster. Our aim has been to develop a product, attractive to everyone who is interested in maintaining or moving towards a healthier lifestyle, Good Idea is for you!

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