Thursday, May 16, 2019

Simple Habits To Help You Avoid Unhealthy Food Choices

National Women’s Health Week is this week (May 12-18), and it's a time for women to take stock of their physical and mental health. But, where does it all begin? As with most things, it starts with what you put into it. The basis for many health issues, and the foundation for many health improvements, begins with diet and nutrition. It’s well known that the quality of what a person puts into their body will impact their physical health, but it also plays a significant role in a person’s mental well-being. But how can women make good food choices, especially in today’s fast paced climate where many are on-the-go juggling jobs, kids, family and friends?

Simple habits that can supersede those cues and help guard against making unhealthy choices:

1. Check Ingredients -- Is the food you’re eating coming from real food ingredients, or has it been created artificially?

2. Ask What’s Been Added -- Shelf life is a major consideration for many food brands but some preservatives commonly found in foods have been linked to asthma-related sensitivity, shown to be carcinogenic, and have mood effects like hyperactivity in children. Opt for brands that use organic preservatives, or none at all!

3. Separate Isn’t Equal -- A study by the Journal of American Dietetic Association has shown that eating whole food ingredients, individually, leads to decreased energy, macronutrient and fiber intakes. Make sure to eat a mix of foods with healthy fats, proteins, dairy and grains for better overall health.

4. Pack In The Protein -- Increasing your protein intake means more hormones fighting hunger and thus, curbed cravings. That means there’s less of a chance of you grazing on whatever is handy!
Making changes for a healthier lifestyle can seem like a daunting task, but small adjustments on your everyday habits can have greater long-term benefits. National Women's Health Week is a great reminder and the perfect jumping off point for a healthier you.

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