Monday, June 17, 2019

SwampButtUnderwear For All the Men in Your Life

Fathers day may be behind us - but swampbutt is not.! If the man in your life suffers from a sweaty booty- you need to check out SwampButt Underwear. Summer is upon us and you know what that means - sweat. Sweat.Everywhere. Made in the USA, SwampButtUnderwear is perfect for vacationing, exercise, outdoor activities, hiking, biking, and lets face it- every day living! Heat & humidity can do a number on our bodies- but keep your booty cool & dry wit their amazing MicroBlok fabric. MicroBlok inhibits the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors, and product deterioration. Keep reading to learn more. 

Summer vacation time is here, which is also the hottest, most humid season of the year. The people at SwampButtUnderwear know all too well that families from all over the US will pack up and hit the road for a road trip. Keep dad’s wet bottom from sticking to the car seat, restaurant booth seat, bar stool, amusement park ride, public bench or the ‘dad chair’ at the bargain mall with SwampButtUnderwear. Worse still, those wet butts leave stains in the shape of your father’s buttocks. Known as ‘dari-angels’ these stains brand the seat, sitter, and his relatives as yucky to be around. No one needs that, but help is available.

SwampButt Underwear Made in the USA garments are made from 83% polyester and 17% Spandex. The leg openings and waist bands are larger and more forgiving than the original offering the company made. “More Spandex means more stretchier,” Heraldson pointed out. The fabric is also made to prevent odors accompanied by the overheated butt-crack.

Bad-odors tend to get into fabrics and stay there. No amount of washing, scrubbing or beating underpants on rocks will remove the stench born of butt sweat and worse. To combat the presence of this bouquet of stink, the new SwampButt Performance Made in the USA garments are also made with ‘Microblok’ technology to prevent stinky drawers, or from the latin; ubi foetidum.

MicroBlok inhibits the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors, and product deterioration. According to the people who make it, ‘the MicroBlok product line inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts and other microbes on treated surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors and product deterioration.
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