Thursday, September 12, 2019

Tucketts: Freedom For Toes -Toeless Pilates Socks

Tucketts presents the only high-performance grip socks for barefoot workouts that completely retain the barefoot sensations of connection, freedom, and balance, with the added comfort and stability of a grip sock. If you are looking for super comfy, high performing toeless workout socks- Tucketts are for you! Their signature toeless Pilates socks are truly the result of artistic innovation. With comfort, style, and functionality in mind, their grip socks are perfect for Pilates, barre, yoga, martial arts, and other barefoot fitness activities you enjoy doing.  Tucketts are available in five amazing styles in various lengths and tons of amazing colors. Keep reading to learn more!

If you love the feeling of being barefoot but don’t want to worry about slipping, Tucketts toeless grip socks are the perfect solution. The elastic gives you the support you need, the grippers provide a slip-free surface area, and the open toe design helps you balance. Perfect for cool weather when you dont want to go barefoot. Amazing for studio workouts when going barefoot is not ideal. I love mine, they are super comfy and allow your feet to still connect you to the earth. The grips are great for yoga & pilates!

Tucketts open toe grip patented socks offers the stickiest, high performance, open toe grip for
barefoot workouts and more! The patented design has only the big toe separated from the others which allows for best comfort. Retaining the barefoot sensation during exercise allows for better feedback from the workout surface, stability, balance, and freedom of movement. The socks are perfect for Pilates, yoga, barre and more.

Tucketts is available in 5 unique styles and several colors (including 4 different nude shades to accommodate all skin types.) Just launched is the Toe-tally in bloom collection that offers new spring and summer colors that herald signs of hope, peace, possibility, and the emergence of something fresh and new.  “Just as we see the flower buds and blooms of spring and summer, this collection celebrates love of color and vitality,” says Tucketts owner and founder, Paola Shah.

Benefits I LOVE: 
  • Freedom for 4 toes, with only the big toe separated, lets one connect to mat, floor or machine and maintain the mind/body/balance connection.
  • Machine Washable: The grips really stick even after multiple uses and washes to maintain connection to mat, machine or floor.
  • Having 4 toes free gives toes wiggling freedom that is crucial for increasing flexibility and strengthening the foot muscles.
  • Eco-friendly anti-sweat sexy sportswear that keeps feet dry, cozy and snug; great for blood circulation.
  • Material: 70% recycled cotton, 29% nylon, 1% spandex (for some designs, some others don't have recycled cotton)
  • Made in Colombia.
  • Nonslip, nonskid, anti-sweat sexy sportswear that will absorb any punishing workout you throw at them.
  • Perfect for All barefoot workouts including Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Workout, Aqua Gym, Water Aerobics, Dance, Martial and Aerial Arts, Gymnastics, Hospital, Exercise around the Studio and more. 
  • Fits women US sizes 6 to 9.5 
  • Guaranteed

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