Wednesday, January 15, 2020

AquaScreen: A New, Inexpensive, and Ultra-Sensitive Line of At-Home Water Test Kits

AquaScreen products are a super easy way to ensure your water is safe & free of chemicals or pollution. They make a drinking water test & a Pool & Spa test. Both are super easy & very effective. Knowledge is our first step in staying safe.The AquaScreen® line of at-home Drinking Water and Pool & Spa Water Test Kits is being praised as the most sensitive and accurate at-home water test kits currently on the market. Silver Lake Research Corporation spent months researching and developing these advanced water test kits AquaScreen® is an affordable way for homeowners and businesses to find out if lead, harmful bacteria, or other contaminants are in their tap/well water along with their pool & spa water.  

Features and benefits of AquaScreen include:

  • Customized test kits for drinking water and pool/spa swimming water
  • The most sensitive rapid test strips currently available for lead and pesticides
  • Ultra-sensitive tests for bacteria, ammonia, chlorine, and nitrate/nitrite contamination
  • Measurement of the water’s pH Level and total hardness
  • Two tests per kit for each contaminant (allowing for testing of multiple water sources)
  • Accurate results in 10 minutes (compared to possibly weeks from a laboratory)
  • Ultra-simple test instructions – both children and adults can easily run each test

The AquaScreen® Drinking Water Test Kit allows you to test for:  Lead, pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, pH + Hardness + Chlorine. Each kit contains: A lead pesticide test pouch, 2 Bacteria Test Vials, 2  pH + Hardness + Chlorine Test Strips, 2 Nitrate +Nitrate Test Strips, and clear instructions in the package will guide you through the step by step process of testing your water

Most people blindly trust that the water they drink or swim in is safe and free from chemical pollution or bacteria.  However, trends are showing dangerous contamination outbreaks in the news more and more frequently. Everyone should be able to quickly and cost-effectively screen their own water for peace of mind! The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you should test your water once per year at the bare minimum, but AquaScreen® provides an easy and inexpensive opportunity to test your drinking or swimming water regularly to keep your family safe. 

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