Wednesday, January 19, 2022

ARTICLE: Joan’s and Lois’ Top 5 Accupuncture Benefits

Below are tips from Joan Arata, the owner of Modern Acupuncture in Florham Park, NJ and Soho, NYC, and Lois Manzella-Marchitto, the founder of Fitness Coaching, a private at-home personal training. Both Joan and Lois are available for interview (their full bio is below).

Joan’s and Lois’ Top 5 Benefits

1.      Pain Relief: as a natural painkiller, acupuncture releases endorphins that provides a relief as quickly as the first session. How? Treatments help to decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and increase range of motion without any harmful side effects. Since the needles are smaller than human hair, you won’t feel a thing.

2.      Relaxation: say “goodbye” to soreness since acupuncture increases blood blow to tight muscles allowing them to relax.

3.      Recovery: regular treatments between training sessions minimizes muscle fatigue and pain. This is great for marathon trainers and athletes since it helps to rebuild muscle tissue and restore energy, so you can continue to push hard the next day.

4.      Energy: speaking of energy, acupuncture works to regulate the nervous system which helps to restore your body’s energy for an enhanced athletic performance. Acupuncture can also help your liver and lung function.

5.      Injury Prevention: since acupuncture works to promote your neurological and cardiovascular balance, it also supports the homeostasis in the body to regulate your nerve condition and microcirculation in the area to speed up the healing process, while reducing inflammation.

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