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Interview with Fitness Pro Jenny Ford (7-12-2011)

Belles: For those of us who are new to you and your workouts, what can you tell us about yourself and how you got started in the industry?
Jenny: I love chocolate chip cookies, and people with ADD.  I have 3 little boys, 2 of which have ADD. (If you count my husband, it is a total of 3.) As you can imagine, going to the gym for some me-time has never been an option. I have a bookshelf stacked with at-home exercise DVDs—from Kathy Smith, Gay Gasper, Rob Glick, Christi Taylor, Petra Kolber, Seasun Zieger, Gin Miller, Kim Miller, Karen Voight, Tracey Staehle, Jari Love, Tracie Long, Marcus Irwin, Rebecca Small, Deidre Morris, Amy Bento, Cathe, Patrick Goudeau, Jules Benson, Kari Anderson, Deirdre Morris, and more. Step has always been my favorite format, but I am really loving Zumba. Exercise has always made me feel wonderful!
For years I knew I wanted to be a fitness instructor, and one day after working out at home with one of my favorites, Christi Taylor, I noticed info about her one-on-one instructor trainings. After I certified with AFAA in group fitness, the stars aligned, and I was off to AZ to train with Christi. This was one of the best decisions I made. She gave me the tools to start my journey as an instructor, and then I came home and practiced, and practiced, and practiced!
Belles: You just released your SECOND set of dvds. What was your motivation behind them?
Jenny: My motivation is to help people realize the empowerment exercise can give them. I have always had a great passion for helping people to feel successful and confident. Exercise has gotten me through some extremely difficult times in my life. It gives me great satisfaction when I hear from people who I have helped through my workouts. I love to be a part of making someone’s life a little better.
Belles: The price point for your dvds was awesome! In this shaky economy it is a breath of fresh air to see workouts at a reasonable price when there are so many out there at an inflated price. Do you think lower price points are a trend we can look forward to?
Jenny: I don’t see price points dropping any time soon in the DVD market. People would be shocked at the costs involved in producing a video.
Belles: Before putting your workouts on DVD you had them available to stream. Do you see a shift from workouts on DVD to an electronic version?
Jenny: Yes, most definitely! I think streaming is the future. I get countless e-mails from people saying they’re doing my workouts on their iPads, iPhones, laptops, and that they LOVE that they can do my workouts wherever and whenever they please.
Belles: Do you have plans for future dvds and if so can you share any info about them with us?
Absolutely! I am currently working on 3 new workouts to be released around the first of the new year.
Jenny: If people would like to try one of my current workouts for FREE, they can find them in their entirety.
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