Monday, December 28, 2015

REVIEW: Ingrid Romero's Edge Booty Extreme DVD

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Edge Booty Extreme
Ingrid Romero, 2015

This DVD has four 10-19 min lower body workouts. Ingrid works out in an open studio with 4 backgrounders. You will need dumbbells for all the routines on this disc except Booty Express. You will need to do your own warm up & cool downs.

Booty Blast: (14 min) You perform each exercise for 30 seconds in this nonstop cardio & strength routine. Exercises include hi knee run, sumo squat & deadlift, cardio lunges, low squat & heel digs, 90* hops, low sumo squat to runners lunge, plyo kicks, side lunge & reach, plyo jacks, suitcase sumo squats, football run, jacks & floor touch, knee pulls, prone flutter kicks, & burpees.

Booty & Core: (13 min) You perform each booty exercise for 30 seconds, many of which also incorporate the core. Exercises include kneeling to standing, scorpion skaters, plank jacks, around the world lunges, tri dips & toe touches, supermans, lunge & chop, plyo gorilla walks, squat & rear leg raises, side kick & squat, and bridge variations.

Single Leg Burnout: (19 min) You perform a round of 20 reps of each standing, then kneeling, then floor exercises one side then move to the other side. Exercises include: lunge to dips, single leg balance deadlift, curtsy lunge, single leg squat, side lunges, warrior 3 hold, donkey kick variations, inner & outer thigh side lying work, and clams.

Booty Express: (10 min) You will perform the basic move for 30 seconds and then add power for the next 30 seconds. Exercises in this cardio & strength routine include: squats, squat jumps, plies & toe plies, plie heel click hops, lunges, plyo lunges, superman, plank & knee drive, curtsy, skater, dip & knee pull, dip & hop knee pull, side lunge, & side lunge hop.

I rate these solid intermediate routines. Ingrid is very bubbly and provides a lot of cheerful encouragement. You can string these together and REALLY burn out that booty. These are effective routines, that accomplish quite a bit in a short amount of time. I def felt the burn in these. Love that cardio is included in some of the routines. I received this DVD to review.

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