Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My 2015 Fitness Wrap Up

Well sadly, this has probably been my least accomplished year in fitness/ health. We went to Jamaica in May and sadly, my eating has not been as on track since then- yes I realize that was 7/8 long months ago. On top of that, in September I somehow managed to injure my back (old age). It was bad, really bad. I have spent the last 4 months alternating chiropractor appointments, walking workouts, modified upper body workouts and then gradually unweighted lower body workouts. I luckily had some reviews stockpiled and was able to do some modifying so at least I can keep doing my beloved workouts along the way. I am just now getting back to my regular workouts. DH surprised me with a new rebounder that has been a savior for my cardio in the past few weeks. I am about 15 lbs heavier than I should be. Alas, I know none of this is the end of the world & I am confident I can get back to better eating habits and am already about back to my regular workouts. FINALLY. Life has changed A LOT this year for me so my structure of "life" has been different. New job, new schedule, working out after work, dealing with a lot more traffic. Kids in my life, dealing with 5 peoples schedules instead of 2, more appointments/meetings  than any normal people should have, but I did gain a new workout partner....With all of that said, here are some of my fitness favorites of 2015. Am I missing something? Let me know :) And anyway, heres my face & my youngest nieces face...

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Favorite DVD Set:
Hands down Operation Tonergy is a winner for me this year. TOUGH but fun bootcamp style workouts that had me sweating, burning a ton of calories, and left me sore the next day. I really love Nikki's energy and the format of the workouts. They are unique workouts with a fun live class feel. Each workout is different from the rest & the set is very well rounded, cardio, strength, core, you really get it all here. I will most definitely be getting a ton of use out of this set. Lots of sweat and no dread. And best of all, the set is on sale for ONLY $30 right now. That is SIX 45-60 min workouts for only THIRTY DOLLARS! Check out the Tonergy website and read all of my Tonergy reviews here.

Peak race season here in the desert starts in late September/ early October so needless to say the back injury precluded me from doing (m)any races. I did do a Halloween race, only because I had already signed up for it before injuring my back. I couldnt run it, I had to power walk and my time wasnt that bad for not being able to run. I will do Pride again in the spring but dont have anything planned besides that. I havent decided on the 5 or 10k yet. I will wait and see how my endurance is doing by then.

I really love Linda Wooldridges new stuff for barre style workouts. I dont do a ton of barre/ pilates/ ballet workouts but I really like Linda's energy and the workouts are solid. She has a ton of great new workouts- DVDs & downloads, great production & sound quality, solid cuing, excellent instruction, unique exercises, and a sneaky burn that will seriously work those muscles. If you are a barre girl- you must check out her stuff. Check out the Barlates Body Bliss website (AU and US) and all of my Barlates reviews here.

Shout Outs:
Fe Fit is a wonderful set. It is super well rounded, contains a TON of exercise minutes and gives you so much variety. The workouts are solid intermediates and could be all someone needs in their library (I mean not a DVD junkie like me, I always need more, but you know- normal people). It has barre, traditional strength, cardio, core, floor & standing work, splits, total body work. Seriously everything you need to get moving and keep you going. I like the instructor a lot, no dread and fun little 25ish minute workouts. Check out Fe Fit on the web and all of my Fe Fit reviews here.

So while this year was not so exciting or even so successful on the fitness front, I will keep plugging along. 2016 will be stronger & better and 2015 could have been a whole lot worse. Looking forward to new workouts, new fun, & new fitness challenges in the year to come. Until next year!

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