Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Women's Health Ignite DVD Featuring Nikki Metzger

Women's Health Ignite
Nikki Metzger, 2016

This set contains 2 DVDs. The main DVD has three 22-26 min workouts and disc 2 has one 8 min ab routine. Nikki performs level 2 and has 2 backgrounders performing levels 1 & 3. You will need dumbbells for this routine. The ladies work out in a spacious suite with a view of the city. You can choose one workout from the main menu. Each routine contains a quick warm up & cool down.

Burn: (22 min) In this workout you perform alternating cardio & strength exercises nonstop. The interval sets are performed for 45 seconds each, then round 2 for 30 sec each, and finally round 3 for 20 seconds each. Exercises include weighted burpee -pushup-clean & press, side shuffle, sumo hold adding toe raises, renegade row & hop ins, football shuffle, plank to side plank, kettlebell swing, box leaps, & diagonal long lever crunches.

Sweat: (26 min) This is an unweighted cardio routine, four rounds of 3 thirty second exercises, repeated 3 times each.. Exercises include bear crawls, 180 hop squats, hi knee hurdlers, sit up & twist, plank jacks, moguls, elevator plank, burpees, skaters, V ups, mt climbers, & power knee ups,

Build: (24 min) You will perform a series of two 45 second strength exercise followed by a 30 second cardio exercise. You will perform the entire circuit 2 times. Exercises include: clean & press, renegade row adding a pushup, hi knee run, single leg deadlift, goblet squats, forward 7 back hops, chest press, plank side knee pull, lateral shuffle, dip & twist, weighted bridge, lateral hops, walk out to plank -cobra, ab roll up, & plyo plank lunges.

8 Min Ab Blaster: you perform 2 four minute rounds. Each exercise is 20 seconds with a short rest between the rounds. Exercises include toe reaches, plank side kne pull, reverse crunch & kick out, side plank, & v twist,

Nikki starts each exercise at level one and then moves into level 2 and a mod shows a level 3 option. Following Nikki I would rate this a high intermediate routine, though there are true 3 levels offered. Lots of multi-muscle exercises and she combines exercises to get cardio in the strength exercises. You can really accomplish a lot in a short time with these routines. It is pretty non-stop but not a rushed pace. The pace allows for moderate to heavier poundage so you can really get a great strength & cardio workout in these. Nikki is a great instructor, I like her demeanor-not too bubbly and not too calm either. I received this DVD set to review.

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