Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In Light of Change 2 Week Fitness Program with Julie Rammal DVD Review

In Light of Change 2 Week Fitness Program
Julie Rammal, 2016

This 45 min DVD contains: Tibetan rituals warm up, stretch, cardio legs, abs & crunches, upper body, lower body, cardio boxing, and a cool
down segment. The DVD is fully chaptered and each segment flows to the next. Each segment is 3-8 minutes. The scenery changes along (kind of Squeeze style) but you do not miss a beat. The backgrounds range from gorgeous beaches, green courtyards, outdoor ponds, a pool, and more. You wont need any equipment for this routine and it is filmed voice over.

Julie performs 10 rep sets, including: rear leg raises adding a knee pull, side leg raises & circles, side knee pulls, squats, lunge & rear leg raises, crunches adding leg raises, V knee pulls ins, V leg drops, side lying crunches, knee pushups, side plank to pushup, side lying tri pushups, tri kickbacks, single arm crab press, crawl out to plank, donkey series, low runners lunge, bridge series, butt kicks, speed bag adding direction, fast curtsy floor touch and a cool down.

I rate this a low intermediate routine with lots of variety. It is a great routine for a lighter day or if you are still sore from your last strength workout. The scenery is gorgeous and I enjoyed the fun camera work. Julie is a good instructor with great form pointers & cuing. I received this DVD to review.

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