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Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown is an IFBB Pro Figure Competitor in Body Building and is on the path to obtain her Professional Status aka Pro Card in the industry. Michelle is currently at the National Level Shows where you can earn your Pro card by winning your category and has finished first & second in a LOT of competitions! Michelle has studios in Los Gatos & Los Altos and has great credentials: NASM CPT, FNS, & Coach. Whether you train at your own home or one of her training sites you will be certain to get what you want out of personal training.  Large equipment is not always necessary to get your fitness program working for you, at home or even outdoors! I love this interview!! Michelle seems so genuine and comes from a place I can totally relate to (see our last question below). I love her energy & insight. 

Lindsey: What spurred you to begin training for  IFBB Pro Figure competitions?
Michelle: I got interested in competitions after starting a workout program and seeing the results.  I hit all of my goals and was looking for another big goal to achieve.  A friend mentioned Bodybuilding to me.  I then went to see a show and was in awe of the physiques I saw there.  The next day I called my trainer and said I am going to compete in figure.   Lets get started. Of course to get to the Pro level you have to start at the novice level then advance to National level.  To obtain the Professional Status you must win to earn your Pro Card.  Not an easy task.

Lindsey:  What does a typical training session pre competition look like?
Michelle: First you go through a build phase which is typically much heavier weight and more rest with minimal cardio.  Then when you get to the Lean out phase which can be anywhere from 16 to 12 weeks long.  Workouts intensify and then cardio plays a bigger role as well as diet change. Workouts typically consist of high reps from 15-20 per set with 5-6 sets per muscle group.  Followed by daily cardio and sometimes double days of cardio.

Lindsey:  What advice can you offer for someone interested in getting involved in fitness competitions. 
Michelle: My main advice it to talk to someone who has experience in competing like a coach or a local Pro in your area.  Many times newer competitors don’t  give the full picture.  Competing is not cheap.  It is much more than working out and eating a lot of protein.  The time commitment is huge as well as a drain on your personal life.  Really research who to pick as your coach.  Someone who has just done a few shows is not the person you want.  While they might be more affordable.  You are paying for education and experience from your coach.  You need to make sure the are qualified to give you what you need.

Lindsey: Do you offer nutrition advice to your clients as well? What can you share with my readers about pre-competition meal planning.
Michelle: Yes I do full contest prep diet programs as well as everyday nutrition programs for clients.  For any phase that you are in meal planning is just that.  Planning.  If it is not planned and you are trying to grab food out constantly it will not go well. Prepping meals in advance is extremely important.  While it takes some time to get it down it is well worth it.  When I am in prep mode I do not leave the house without all my meals with me. I do this because life happens and somehow the 2 hours you were going to be gone turns into 6 and then you’ve somehow missed a meal or had to get “something” out.

Lindsey: I know I sometimes think, there is no way someone like me could ever transform into a fitness competitor- what can you share about dramatic changes you have seen in your clients. 
Michelle: So I was one of those people myself.  I was 37 years old and in a rut.  I was 137lbs and 26% body fat at 5’5”.  As I write this I am actually at that same weight now….just at 9% body fat. (huge difference).  While I had been athletic.  I did not lift weights at all. Before I was 35 years old I ate junk food everyday.  YES!  Everyday I ate fast food, drank 2 liters of Coke, and had many sweet treats.  It was awful but that is what I grew up on.  Not that every meal was bad but I did not eat any veggies and literally had very little water ever. Bodybuilding changed my life.  I started eating healthy and started crushing goals.  Then I kept wanting more.  Now here I am an IFBB Figure Pro at the age of 45.  It is possible to turn your life around.  In fact that is my main motto, “It’s Possible”.   I do a lot of mindset coaching in what I do as that is our main issue.  Our mind has a way of keeping us from doing the things we truly want to do.  We have to learn how to work with it and get us to the next level.

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