Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting Fit While Spring Cleaning: Functional Fitness Cleaning Routine

Spring is officially in the air and with spring comes spring cleaning. Bring a new meaning to functional fitness with a cleaning routine. You know how vacuuming works up a sweat & carrying out trash gets your heart rate up? Well so do a lot of other chores. Do them back to back for a 30 minutes and burn some serious calories! Kill two birds with one stone- get your workout in and get your house clean! Keep reading to learn how you can burn some serious calories cleaning house. I received some awesome cleaning tools for review and cant wait to get my functional fitness on! 

Sweep it off!  Sweeping your floors for one hour can burn a total of 156 calories. 

If you have large floors, or tile throughout your house you may need a bigger broom. The Black + Decker 24” Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom is perfect for sweeping indoor rooms along with porches and walkways. A steel support brace provides control by minimizing the pitch of the broom head. The soft grip handle provides a comfortable and secure grip and the Clic 'N Loc™ ratchet system keeps handle from loosening. Also great for cleaning up the garage or back patio.

For smaller areas the Neat Sweep is my go-to tool. It is a patented stand-up dustpan and pivoting broom from Butler, ideal for quick cleanups. The distinctive broom storage pocket keeps dust and dirt inside the dustpan, while the handles fit together for easy storage. Mine came in a super cute lime green color! Its compact and easy to store and the perfect size for a quick clean up. Also perfect for my teenage nieces since its smaller & easier to handle. Why not get the family in on the cleaning :)

Wash it off! One hour of washing dishes can burn almost 100 calories, if done while standing. *

Avoid the dishpan hands and get yourself some of these great new Dawn Luxe Premium Dishwashing Gloves. They are made from a proprietary, latex-free blend. The gloves’ soft, plush lining is infused with a moisturizer that softens hands while being worn, without feeling greasy. Additionally, an embossed palm grip provides consumers with a safe and secure hold and are an excellent alternative for consumers who are allergic to natural rubber latex. They are thick and cushy, not your plain old rubber gloves. Great for dishes, oven cleaning, bathroom, shower, and toilet cleaning as well. They are better than disposable because they will last you a long time- much better value and they wont fill up the landfills like the disposables do. 

Launder it off! One hour of doing laundry can burn up to 65 calories. *

Who knew folding laundry could burn so many calories!! Make hauling your laundry around easy with Gain’s Round Pop-Up Hamper. Keep yourself & your laundry organized. This cute hamper is designed with a double lining to keep odor in check, great for those sweaty workout clothes, right! It is portable and easily adjusts to accommodate all loads of laundry, big or small. Transporting clothes is done with little hassle because it has a convenient strap handle. It also folds down quickly and easily store it away until next use. It is sturdy and will hold up to even your heavy loads! The print is a funky retro look that I LOVE! Mine is orange & I really love it! Super cute print and I like that it stands upright so it doesnt take up much room on the floor.

Just Clean it off! One hour of light cleaning, dusting, ironing and straightening up can burn over 100 calories. *

cid:image064.png@01D0617C.D4B36530If you have a furbaby like I do, then you know how the pet hair gets everywhere! The Evercare Fur Erase roller grabs up the pet hair like crazy. It has a tape roller & rubber agitators that remove fur two times faster than a standard lint roller alone, this product can handle even the most stubborn clumps of dog or cat hair on fabric and furniture. Unlike other rollers on the market, the Fur Erase features a unique approach—first it loosens any fur with the agitators, then simply picks it up with the lint roller, making the job effortless. Great for clothing, furniture, or on the carpet.

cid:image006.jpg@01D07E7A.C11D57E0LOVE the new stuff from Gain! This new ironing board cover is also a funky retro print and is super cute. Seriously check out the website to see how cute it is. It is thick & fit right over my standard ironing board with easy. You can easily add a stylish twist to a tedious chore with the new Gain Ironing Board Cover. Made from durable material, the butterfly-patterned cover will protect ironing boards from damage and everyday use, perfectly combining fashion and functionality. May as well have a cute ironing board if you have to do the chore!

Cleaning windows, walls, cupboard doors and stovetops or even washing down patio furniture is made easy using 100% biodegradable Twist Loofah Sponge. They’re all natural, unbleached, undyed and totally plant based and compostable. Great for garden lovers. I love that you can compost these!! Talk about NO WASTE! I am really moving towards a more natural household and these fit the bill. Best of all-they work! We use them on our dishes & they dont scrape but clean wonderfully. I highly recommend.

Got windows to clean? Sliding glass door, mirrors maybe? Even your car windshield? Then you better check out the Black + Decker’s 10” Window Squeegee works great for any window job, specifically due to its distinct dual reinforced brace, high quality European rubber blades and soft grip handle for a comfortable and secure grip. It is easy to use -well says my husband. I will admit I have not given this one a whirl yet but my hubby was super excited about it and went straight to work on the SUV windshield. Worked like a charm. 

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