Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Moms Into Fitness with Lindsay Brin's Pretty Fierce Weight Loss System Intro & Info

Lindsay Brin brings & Moms Into Fitness brings you Pretty Fierce Weight Loss! It comes complete with eight 24-42 minute workouts, workout calendar, running calendar, and meal plans. Available on download or DVD. Pretty Fierce Weight Loss consists of 8 workouts that feature a combination of HIIT, Tabata, Shredding, Flexibility and large/small muscle split training. This program is for everyone- from beginner to advanced because it’s a progressive program broken into 3 stacks. The workouts are available via the app on your smart device or on DVDs. These workouts will leave you out of breathe with Cardio Plyometrics and the strength work will tone you right up. You will only need dumbbells for this series. Stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of all the workouts and keep reading below for a breakdown of the system. Read all of my Moms into Fitness Reviews here.

Why are these workouts going to work for you? 
  • A pure hybrid of the latest and greatest exercise methods. 
  • Burns 4x the calories as standard treadmill
  • Have fun with strength workouts that boost your metabolism.
  • Convenient – At Home – All you need is a set of weights.
  • 2% of your day, the workouts range 24-42 minutes.

It takes a commitment. It takes nutritional changes (you CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet). It takes 2% of your day. It takes YOU putting YOU first. Don’t you agree that when mom is happy/energized the whole family follows suit? But with Moms Into Fitness, YOU can do it!

The workout rotation calendar that tells you what to do. You also get a Hybrid Running Calendar for a 10k and half marathon (for post 60 days!) and a Flex schedule (includes outdoor workouts). The 2 week meal plan contains meals for the whole family. Also includes Breastfeeding Nutrition.
Never Diet again – 2 videos, 12 tips, never diet again! Why? You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. 

  1. 5 Progressive Core Workouts
  2. Muscle Splits Upper Body
  3. Muscle Splits Lower Body
  4. Tabata Training
  5. Cardio Plyomterics
  6. HIIT
  7. Shredding
  8. Yoga & Yoga Hybrid
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Read all of my Moms into Fitness Reviews here

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