Thursday, September 8, 2016

Interview with Creator of the Mauer Nutrition Bars: Kenny Mauer

If you are looking for a good protein bar, look no further than Mauer Sports Nutrition Protein Bars. They are incredibly delicious and contain 70% organic ingredients, no GMOs, are gluten free, and contain no preservatives or refined sugars. These yummy bars are made with the highest quality ingredients and contain 20g of protein per bar. They are available in six incredibly tasty, full size organic protein bars. The bars are also low in sodium and are made with the highest quality ingredients. Read my interview with creator of the Mauer Nutrition Bars, Kenny Mauer, below.

Lindsey: Tell us about your company:
Kenny: Having always been interested in nutrition with a degree in health, I decided to start a company that actually did what it said it was going to do in formulating healthy products.  My wife and I are solely organic and care very much about eating and living a clean lifestyle.  Having been in the athletic world for over 40 years I have sampled most every nutritional bar and drink on the market.  What I have come to realize is that what companies say are healthy and nutritious really aren’t.  By surrounding myself with people that feel the same way about nutrition as me, I have been adamant about creating products that are truly clean and good for one’s body.

Lindsey: What makes your bars a step above the competition:
Kenny: I feel that although a bar may be nutritious, if it doesn’t taste good, nobody is going to eat it.  Years ago, organic and protein bars did not taste good and in fact tasted awful.  Then came the supposedly nutritious and healthy protein bar that was filled with chemicals, sugar, and GMO ingredients.  With the Mauer Sports Nutrition Classic bars, I have incorporated a product that has no refined sugar, no gluten, no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), no preservatives, and no artificial flavors while incorporating 20 grams of the most natural and organic protein available, 12-14 grams of fiber, a healthy amount of good fat and good calories, and containing only 25 grams of sodium.  The bar is almost 75% organic and actually tastes great.  There are six flavors available.

Lindsey: Who motivated you to create your bars:
Kenny: I guess I have always been motivated, but my motivation has definitely increased since marrying my wife.  She is probably more strict about what goes in her body than I am and it certainly has rubbed off on me.  The simplest way to explain why I started this company is my love for nutrition, while at the same time being sick and tired of reading and hearing people selling products that say they are something they’re simply not.  I have promised my wife and the people around me that no matter what happens, I will not give into the system, but rather continue to create products that are good for people.

Lindsey: Do you have any other products on the horizon:
Kenny: As a matter of fact, yes I do.  So far we have the six organic Classic mentioned above along with Protein Mini snacks available in three flavors.  These Minis are products that are healthy, made from the finest ingredients and created at a lower price point.  There are four mini bars in each packet totaling 100 grams which is equivalent to almost two smaller protein bars.  Again these have no refined sugar, non GMO, are without preservatives and artificial flavors and contain 12 grams of protein in each packet.  I have just finished formulating four smaller organic bars (three of which are vegan) along with an Ultimate bar line which will consist of bars that are 100% organic, two of those being vegan, with 20 grams of protein.  In the near future I have a protein shot consisting of 20 grams of collagen protein along with a pre and post workout shot.  I intent to do Bites and/or Minis associated with each bar as well as other consumables in the years to come.

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