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Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: 5 Progressive Core Workouts Review

Lindsay Brin brings & Moms Into Fitness brings you Pretty Fierce Weight Loss! It comes complete with eight 24-42 minute workouts, workout calendar, running calendar, and meal plans. Available on download or DVD. Pretty Fierce Weight Loss consists of 8 workouts that feature a combination of HIIT, Tabata, Shredding, Flexibility and large/small muscle split training. The workouts are available via the app on your smart device or as DVDs. This program is for everyone- from beginner to advanced because it’s a progressive program broken into 3 stacks. Read all of my Moms into Fitness Reviews here.

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: 5 Progressive Core Workouts 
Lindsay Brin, 2013

The Pretty Fierce Weight Loss set includes 5 progressive core routines. Lindsay does the workouts alone in her brick set. You wont need any equipment for these routines.

Core A (7 min) This routine focuses on correct pelvic floor position. Exercises include 2 rounds of: pelvic tilt, butterfly tilt, pelvic scoop with single leg extension, supine marches, supermans, crunches, and modified bicycle.

Core B (6 min) Exercises include 2 rounds of: superman, knee plank, V sit with pelvic tilt, V twist, V oblique work, and V sit with V arms.

Core C (6 min) Exercises include 2 rounds of: pelvic tilt variations, double crunches, double crunch with leg extensions, plank hold or shifts, plank hip drops, and plank hold. Lindsay offers some intensity options. 

Core D (6 min) Exercises include 2 rounds of: With your legs extended & feet stacked: crunches, oblique crunches and pelvic tilt. Supermans, and long leg bicycle.

Core E (11 min) This is a tabata style core routine, 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest. You do four 20 second rounds of each exercise:  plank to pike with knee pull, side plank hip drop, V drop & punch, butterfly pelvic tilt and crunches. 

These routines increase in intensity from beginner to low advanced. They are great to mix and match or just do one if you are short on time. Lots of variety and great to grow with. Lindsay provides great instruction & form reminders and always reminds you to focus on your pelvic floor position. I received these workouts to review.

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Read all of my Moms into Fitness Reviews here

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