Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cathe Friedrich Intensity Series Bootcamp + Muscle Endurance Review

Intensity Series Bootcamp + Muscle Endurance 
Cathe Friedrich, 2002

This DVD contains two full, hour long workouts and tons of premixes. Cathe leads in a brick/ coliseum set with a group of backgrounders. You will need high step, barbell, dumbbells, and a medicine ball for these routines.

Muscle Endurance (65 min): This full body strength workout includes a full warm-up and cool-down. Exercises include leg press, squats, deadlifts, lat row, bi curl, pec fly, pushups, ball squeezes, tri dips, kickbacks, lunge hinge & glute raise, overhead with rotation, front &side raises, bent lat raise, upper back fly, double crunches using the ball, supine ball to leg sweep, V twist with the ball, side plank hp drops with the ball on your hips, and full body crunches.

I rate this a lower advanced workout, that you could make more or less challenging by adjusting your poundage. You use lighter weights and more reps each exercise than your normal Cathe workout and the pace is just right. Cathe provides tons of tempo and pace changes to keep your muscles guessing and to keep it interesting.

Boot Camp (58 min): This full body cardio & strength routine includes a warm-up and cool-down. The format is 8 cycles of one minute: cardio, lower body, upper body, and core. Exercises include: jack and air jack variations, squats, row, side plank rotations, sumo shuffle, static lunges, pushups, ball to toe sit-ups, jack-jab-plyo jacks, plie, speed skaters, tri dips, ball reverse crunches, burpee- mt. climber, single arm row, squat -roundhouse kick, side plank hip raise using the ball, hitch kicks, military press, double side crunches, jump-kick-knee hop combo, ice breakers, ball side lunges, hammer curls, and V twists using the ball.

I rate this a high intermediate workout. Tons of great cardio and full body strength work make this a great well rounded workout. Cathe provides lots of tempo changes to really work those muscles and to keep the workout fun.

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