Thursday, October 27, 2016

Intox-Detox: all-natural, helps you Detox, Recover & Protect From Alcohol & Hangovers!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and that means lots of get togethers and parties. And parties usually include some adult beverages. With adult beverages can come the dreaded hangover. Which is why I am going to include Intox-Detox in my routine this year. You can enjoy spirited beverages confident you will be refreshed to go for a run the next morning! Intox-Detox dietary supplement helps your body recover naturally. Intox-Detox is all-natural, safe and formulated to be taken BEFORE you drink alcoholic beverages to help the body detox, recover and protect from the damaging after effects of alcohol. Keep reading to learn more.

With a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the latest ground-breaking dietary supplementation science. Intox-Detox is the only Alcohol Detoxification and Recovery Formula to contain the patented and clinically proven ingredient Setria L-Glutahione and Japanese Raisin; the only two substances proven by human clinical trials to neutralize the cause of the painful after-effects of drinking. Intox-Detox is all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. It contains no additives or preservatives and is manufactured in a cGMP FDA-inspected facility, made in the USA. 

Do you know what causes those painful morning-after side effects? An enzyme in our liver breaks down alcohol into a compound called Acetaldehyde. This metabolite is mostly responsible for those painful ‘mornings after’, also known as hangovers. Luckily for us, our bodies produce something called Glutathione which removes the toxicity of that pesky Acetaldehyde. Unluckily for us, our natural stores of Glutathione quickly run out when we consume larger amounts of alcohol. This causes a buildup of Acetaldehyde, which gives us those painful mornings after drinking. 

Check out the impressive Intox-Detox ingredient list:

Japanese Raisin: Intox-Detox™ provides a clinically-proven dose of Japanese Raisin, shown in human research to break down the metabolite Acetaldehyde, which is largely responsible for the painful after-effects of drinking.
Setria®: Using a first-to-market ingredient found only in Intox-Detox™, this patented ingredient is shown to increase Glutathione levels in people by 35%. Naturally produced in the body, Glutathione neutralizes the toxicity of Acetaldehyde,.
Green Tea: Preliminary research suggests that Green Tea helps the body energize, detox and fight the damaging free radicals that come from toxins like alcohol.
Ginseng: Not just for energy! The science says Korean Red Panax Ginseng can help restore balance and eliminate toxins from your body, boosting liver function.

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