Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Muscle Split Legs

Lindsay Brin brings & Moms Into Fitness brings you Pretty Fierce Weight Loss! It comes complete with eight 24-42 minute workouts, workout calendar, running calendar, and meal plans. Available on download or DVD. Pretty Fierce Weight Loss consists of 8 workouts that feature a combination of HIIT, Tabata, Shredding, Flexibility and large/small muscle split training. The workouts are available via the app on your smart device or as DVDs. This program is for everyone- from beginner to advanced because it’s a progressive program broken into 3 stacks. Read all of my Moms into Fitness Reviews here.

Pretty Fierce Weight Loss: Muscle Splits Lower Body
Lindsay Brin, 2013

I am reviewing the downloadable workouts which are split up into 3 separate downloads: 1) Warm-Up 4 min 2) Glutes, Outer, & Inner Thighs 23 min 3) Quads & Hamstrings 15 min. Lindsay works out in her brick gym with one backgrounder who offers some modifications. You will need dumbbells, gliding discs, and a chair for these routines. 

Glutes, Outer, & Inner Thighs: you will perform the following routine 2 times: balance deadlift & knee raise, hinged abduction pulses, pendulums, toe stance knee squeeze using a towel or ball, dip & glute raise, fast hinged stance curtsy, reverse plank knee shifts, glider dips, attitude lift w/ balance challenge, and bridge leg sweeps. 

Quads & Hamstrings: You will perform the following routine 2 times: toe stance pelvic tilts, ballet style quad series, split stance deadlifts, squats, single leg bridge, squats with heels on weights, glider run bridges. 

I rate these intermediate routines that you can modify up or down depending on your poundage. I thought these were really unique, shes uses the chair to keep you you low and you will really feel it! Great to do alone or add together for one tough leg day! Fun & fast paced, this one will get a lot of use! I received this workout to review.

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Read all of my Moms into Fitness Reviews here

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