Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mindy Mylrea Extreme Exercise Makeover DVD Review

Extreme Exercise Makeover
Mindy Mylrea, 2016

This DVD contains 2 hours 25 min of footage. The main menu is fully chaptered (see screenshot below). You can play all with or without Mindys exercise intros. You can select a chapter, it includes Mindys intro and exercise info. Equipment includes: small ball, exercise ball, figure 8 tubing, bosu,and gliding discs.

After a warm up, exercises include: squat variations, plies, heel raise plies, squat to plie hops, squat series using the discs, bosu squats adding hops, lunge to dip adding a twist, around the world lunges, curtsy dips, static lunges adding hops, balance lunge work, bulgarian split squat hops, plank, down to up dog & plank flow, push up using the disc and bosu, pushups adding arm raises, tri dips, tri dips using the discs, tri pushups, rollback, plank hip dips, pushup to side plank, burpee variations, dead bug on the bosu, oblique crunches using a small ball, bridge & ham pull ins using the band, lower body floor work using gliding discs, side lying leg lifts using tubing, donkey kick series, and a cool down.

I rate this a high intermediate routine. Mindy includes tons of great twists on traditional exercises. She provides tons of great info that is perfect if you instruct your own classes or work out alone without DVDs. I love Mindy's energy and that she provides so many unique options for tried and true effective exercises. Work those muscles in a new way and prevent boredom. The chapters make this very versatile to mix & match or add to other workouts. I received this DVD to review.

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