Friday, December 2, 2016

Total Strength and Conditioning Suzanne Andrews Functional Fitness DVD Review

Suzanne Andrews is an Occupational Therapy Clinician by trade and she has designed medically proven exercises with the best pacing for fastest results and these workouts are now available on DVD. Suzanne has a huge heart and provides the TV series (for mid age through seniors) to PBS for free as a way to give health back to the community.  All proceeds from DVD sales go toward providing more free episodes. Her workouts range from arthritus walks, Tai Chi, bladder control, to more mainstream fitness routines. Read below for a detailed review of her Total Strength and Conditioning DVD.

Total Strength and Conditioning 
Suzanne Andrews, 2016

This DVD contains three workouts. All three workouts show a standing or seated alternative for all exercises. Suzanne works out (standing) with one seated background exerciser in a beautiful outdoor garden in MD. You will only need dumbbells (abs & arms), optional ankle weights (lower body), and an optional chair (seated mod) for these workouts. The workouts are done in voice over and all include a built in warm up.

Leg Strengthener: (26 min) Exercises include knee rotations, hip rotations, trunk rotations, small side lunges pulses, plie with scooping arms, squats, squat hops, external hip rotations, lateral leg raises, V step, squat abductions, glute raises, and side lunge reaches. Suzanne adds in 30-60 sec marching or jogging intervals interspersed throughout the workout.

Arm Conditioning: (26 min) Exercises include forward bends, shoulder flexion, torso twists, sword pull, forward arm circles, tri pulls behind your back, tri kickbacks and pulses, bi curls, urpight row, rows. You then repeat and conclude with side bends and a few deep breaths.

Vertical Ab Toner: (26 min) Exercises include oblique reaches, bend and reach, torso twists, leg raises, side bends, elbow to knee pull, back extensions, forward bend variations, dead lifts, swimmers, standing crunches, and a cool down. Weights are used for all exercises.

These are beginner routines that are easy to amp up if desired. They are very functional, easy to execute and effective. Suzanne provides great form pointers and exercise tips as you go. The pace is just right and you accomplish a lot in under 30 minutes. I really like that the exercises are shown seated and standing to accommodate all fitness levels. I received this DVD to review.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Lindsey. It's my birthday today and a great start to my day by finding out you like the Total Strength and Conditioning DVD!