Wednesday, January 24, 2018

HomeDNA Healthy Weight: DNA Testing For Weight Management! FREE SHIPPING & $50 Off Promo Code!

Start Your New Year with HomeDNA Healthy Weight! I'm really excited about this and cannot wait to get my results back. If you've tried all the latest fads to achieve a healthy weight, and found little success, maybe it's time to find answers in your DNA. Friends or husband having a ton of success using one program and you are struggling? Its in our DNA and  every body reacts different to different diet & fitness plans. That's why understanding our own personal fitness DNA is so important. You can now take advantage of HomeDNA's science-based genetic testing technology and start your new year with insights into how to achieve your healthiest weight. Keep reading to learn more!

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It is super easy to use. Just swab your cheek with the included cotton swab and mail it off in the included postage paid envelope. Then they will send you your own personalized report. Included in your purchase, you'll receive a detailed and comprehensive report offering unique nutrition, supplement, and specific fitness recommendations tailored just for your DNA signature! 

HomeDNA Healthy Weight can be used as an analytical tool, and it also offers solid predictability. Because it offers specific nutrition and fitness recommendations, you can predict weight-management results based on your genetics and tailor your diet & exercise routine to your specific DNA.

HomeDNA Healthy Weight Can Help Fine-Tune Your Fitness Program. If you’re going to eat healthier and devote time and effort to exercising, it’s important to choose a regimen that maximizes the benefits. DNA testing for health and fitness helps you better plan an individualized workout routine that takes full advantage of your physiological capabilities and takes into account your body's response to specific exercises, based on genetics.

HomeDNA Healthy Weight Provides a Detailed Analysis and Comprehensive Report Based on Your Unique Testing Results. Every page is packed full of testing data, charts, graphs and insight that are specific to your DNA signature

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