Monday, January 29, 2018

TheraBand Consecutive Loop Resistance Band ~ Will Change the Way You Work With Bands!

TheraBand Brand is THE brand that comes to mind when I think of resistance bands. they offer a ton of must have fitness items! From kinesology tape, pain relief tools, resistance bands and so much more! Another thing I love is their app- just download the free app, find your TheraBand product and see tons of exercise diagrams. You can search by exercise type, product type, and more! Keep reading to learn more about one of my favorite items - their consecutive loop band. It will change the way you work out with bands! No more clutching onto your stretchy band with a death grip. No more nails digging into your palm. This band makes working out with bands SO MUCH easier! I seriously will not use regular bands anymore. Adjusting your resistance just got easier!!! 

TheraBand Consecutive Loop Resistance Band:

I LOVE this band! What a perfect concept. Instead of being a flat band it is continuous loops so it is easy to grip and grab and so much more comfortable to use than a regular band. It is available in multiple strengths so  you choose the resistance you need, grab your band & get to strengthening those muscles. 

I like the idea of working out with bands so you can really get the benefits of the positive and negative push/ pull of each exercise. BUT with normal bands I always just feel like Im either not choked up enough, the band slips, Im too choked up, I have to stop & reposition, etc. Too much hassle, so before this band, I rarely used bands. Even in videos that used bands, I used to sub dumbbells. NOT anymore! The Consecutive Loop Band makes working out with bands SO much easier. Just slip your hand in the loop and go. If the tension is not right, just move up or down a loop. You can do this easily without stopping and repositioning everything like you would with a normal band. 

It really does provide a better workout with multiple unique grip options. The band enables you to use an open and a closed hand grips. You can also just slip your hand in a loop and you dont even have to grip. Perfect for those times your grip is wearing down during a tough workout. Before this band, I rarely used bands, they are so uncomfortable to hold. My nails end up digging into my palm and my grip gets tired. Not anymore! A great band that is solidly constructed and you will get a ton of use out of! I use it for ALL my band workouts!

TheraBand is THE exercise band company- they have been around for over 40 years. They invented and pioneered the use of elastic resistance products with the original flat resistance band and corresponding system of progressive resistance. TheraBand owns the familiar yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver sequence that easily identifies exercise progression. Today, they offer even more products, including tubing, band loops, latex-free options, and now the revolutionary CLX Consecutive Loops. This leading line of progressive elastic resistance products boasts the #1 clinical market share among all practitioner types, the highest unaided brand awareness, and twice the likelihood to recommend over any other brand!

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