Tuesday, January 30, 2018

AB-EZE: A Revolutionary Way to Work Your Core, Glutes, Legs, Back & More. 20% DISCOUNT CODE

Looking for a fun & effective way to work your core? Then keep reading and learn all about the AB-EZE - a revolutionary tool that is easy to use and will help you strengthen & sculpt your core, abs, glutes, legs, back & more. AB-EZE supports the body against gravity to specifically activate the abs, back, glutes, and leg muscles. AB-EZE is designed after the trapeze harness and is such a fun & effective ab workout you have to check it out! The AB-EZE quickly & easily anchors over any door or you can attach it to any fixed point or with any fitness system. The website, Facebook group, & YouTube channel offer TONS of workout & exercise options to get the most out of your AB-EZE. Keep reading to learn more.

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AB-EZE easily anchors over any door, then by leaning on the comfortable support pad, muscles will instantly engage. Intensity changes with the press of a button to lengthen or shorten the strap and changes in body positions enhance the desired results. AB-EZE targets specific areas to tone: Firm and lift the butt; Sculpt abs and shrink waistline; Strengthen back; and, Shape and define legs. I have been using my AB-EZE over my door but love it so much I am going to mount it in my home gym so I can use it with all my various exercise DVDs.

Don’t have a door? AB- EZE attaches to any fixed point or interchanges with any fitness system. The well-crafted, intuitive technology, storage, and portability make it easy to use. In just seconds, AB-EZE conveniently turns home, office, dorm, or hotel room into a personal gym.

With AB-EZE you can choose from over 70 easy to follow videos you can watch on demand! They offer workouts & exercises from beginner to advanced and offer complete exercise tutorials, workouts, yoga, dance and more. Tons of variety offered in their videos & support group, easy to use on your own and keeps your workouts interesting & fun. 

With your purchase, members of The Loop gain access to private videos, strategies for success, interactive member forum, and connected support and a 100% money back guarantee. The revolutionary design supports your body in movements that effectively strengthen and sculpt the areas you want: abs, glutes, legs, back and more. 

The AB-EZE suspension trainer is a smart, new product and new way to strengthen the core. Based on the trapeze harness found on a catamaran, the revolutionary design supports the body against gravity to specifically activate the abs, back, glutes, and leg muscles. Doing different exercises in new ways keep you interested and engaged & keeps you coming back for more. In addition, working your core in a new way will hit your muscles in a new way!

AB-EZE will transform one’s physique without changing a lifestyle. No time to work-out? In just minutes, one can efficiently strengthen core wherever and whenever their schedule permits; between meetings, while baby is napping, as dinner cooks, when taking a study break, or even watching TV or talking on the phone...

AB-EZE is the perfect solution for busy people because it turns unused minutes into body changing moments without breaking a sweat or even changing into workout clothes! AB-EZE is for everyone of all ages; whether just starting out or a fitness pro. The accompanying manual includes a variety of easy to follow beginner to advanced exercises from traditional movements or a fun, dance style workout.

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