Thursday, May 2, 2019

BOOK REVIEW: The Messy Joys of Being Human A Guide to Risking Change and Becoming Happier

by Helen Rosenau, Your Jewish Fairy Godmother

Feeling stuck? You're not alone. Life is not always easy and is OFTEN messy! We have all been there! Feeling alone in your struggle or need a little push? Check out this fab book. Its a great read and offers a lot of great insights. Looking to live your best life? Then this is the book for you. Great tips to help you achieve happiness & start enjoying a truly joyous life.

In or out of relationship, job hunting or retiring, in a lifestyle transition, or wrestling with Big Questions, a joyful life can feel elusive. After decades sharing motivation, inspiration, support, and problem-solving as Your Jewish Fairy Godmother, Helen Rosenau embraces the struggles of fellow messy humans to help them get unstuck.

The Messy Joys of Being Human is my answer to Rumi’s “I have a certain knowing. Now I want sight.” It came from changing—both eagerly and after much stumbling and resistance—to become happier myself. From every new beginning and vow made and broken, and made and broken yet again a thousand times. From books, teachers, friends, decades of coaching, and lots of quietude, plus many hints whispered and shouted from the world of the unseen. Some of that guidance I was smart enough to listen to. Some I accepted only after clunking my head repeatedly against my karmic homework. TheMessy Joys is that story, and a roadmap for readers hungry for more happiness.

Helen Rosenau, Your Jewish Fairy Godmother, is a spiritual guide for people struggling with change. Her advice column,Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother, has been published in newspapers and magazines from California to Florida since 2002. Helen’s smart, funny, eclectic, and magical mix of stories, questions, and cheerleading comes from decades of helping people find their next big Yes! She’s chicken soup, a kick in the butt, and your new best friend, sharing all her grit and wisdom.
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