Wednesday, February 19, 2020

CollageVideo.TV Review: Denise Austin: Power Kickboxing - Two 20-Minute Fat-Blasting Workouts

Denise Austin

There are two 20 minute kickboxing workouts included. Denise leads in a boxing ring with 6 background exercisers. You will not need any equipment for these cardio workouts.

Workout One: After a quick warm up exercises include: jack & jab combo, front kicks, jump ropes, knee pulls, corner to corner jabs, roundhouse kicks, kick & punch combos, shuffle & punch combos, squat kicks, back kicks and concludes with a cool down/ stretch.

Workout Two: After a quick warm up, exercises include: jump rope, jab cross bob weave combo, side kick & punch with plie, front & side knee pulls, jacks, V step punch combo; hi knee run, jacks, travel kicks & jumps, shuffle forward & back with punches, knee hops & punch, glute raises, squat abductions, and a cooldown/ stretch.

I rate these solid intermediate workouts in terms of intensity and choreography. Easy to string together for a longer cardio workout or do them separately for two shorter workouts. I like the choreo level - easy enough to catch onto quickly but interesting enough to keep you motivated. Denise is her usual encouraging, bubbly self. I really enjoyed these routines & am glad I can access them via CollageVideo.TV. I received access to this routine for review. 

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