Friday, July 9, 2010

7.9.10: Looking for 10 Min Sol Recommendations :)

Today: I am really liking a lot of the newer 10 Minute Solution w/o's. Some of my favs are: Amy Bento's Hot Body Bootcamp, and Jessica Smiths Ultimate Bootcamp, Tummy Toners, and her Knockout Body. So I am looking for suggestions for other 10 Minute Solutions (or any add-on type w/o's) that are challenging (cario and/or strength), athletic, not dancy. I also need more pilates and yoga so Im looking for those too :) TIA!

Today's Tip: Cottage Cheese Ideas
I am loving cottage cheese! Its super high in protein and the 1-2% variety is low in fat and calories. Here are some ideas to fit it into your meal plans: CC with Kashi7-Grain Crackers, CC with Fresh Strawberries & Pears, CC on your next Garden Salad, CCinstead of Sour Cream with your next Mexican dinner, CC Mixed into a Pasta & Vegetables Dish in place of Ricotta.

The Other Day: I received a container of CLICK Espresso Protein Powder in the mail for my reivew and guess what??? A blog giveaway!! Woohoo. So you all will have a chance to win a container of CLICK Espresso Protein Powder and a shaker cup from them! They are a husband & wife team that developed CLICK and run the company-which is very cool :) I also received word on a couple other AWESOME health & fitness related products for review and possible giveaways so keep checking back! Im very excited about trying out some awesome new products :)

Today's Bargains: Here are some awesome giveaways Ive seen around the blog world. Check out the links and you can enter too! Good luck (to all of us):

-Bonus Entry for my Collage Video Tracey Mallet dvd giveaway sign up for Collage's email newsletter (already do? Tell me)
-Denise Austins Personal Trainer dvd on Win, Lose, or Blog here.
-$25 E-Undies gift card on Survey Junkie here.

Today's Workout:
-10 Min Sol Ultimate Bootcamp (abs, UB, cardio)
-10 Min Sol Knockout Body (abs, UB, cardio
*total w/o time 60 min

I have reviewed both these workouts recently so you all have prob read them but I linked to my reviews (above) in case you didnt see them :) I give both these workouts FIVE (of 5) stars! *****

Today's LOLz:


  1. Hi Lindsey! I am a cottage cheese person. I had it with strawberries for breakfast this morning.

  2. I almost bought Jessica Smith's 10 min solution ultimate bootcamp today at Wal-mart on my lunch hour but couldn't find the price tag for it. If I didn't just make a purchase from TFD, I would've totally caved...soon though!


  3. I subscribe to Collage's newsletter now.

  4. I love the 10 Minute Solutions - I'm a real sucker for programmable DVDs.

    I have 10MS Quick Tummy Toners, Pilates on the Ball and Quick Sculpt Pilates. I can't remember if you are into Pilates, but the last two are innovative and challenging intermediate/advanced workouts.

    I used to have the 10MS Carb and Calorie Burner but sold it. It would be good if you wanted to add a 10-minute cardio workout to, say, a strength training session, but it's no good for stringing several workouts together, as each segment has its own warm-up and cool-down. I got sick of running on the spot with my finger on the remote, fast-forwarding through the warm-ups!

    I also received Kimberly Spreen's 10MS Fitness Ball Workouts once in a trade, and sold it quickly. It's OK, but more suited to beginners.

  5. Haha Red-I had and traded both those 10 MS for the exact same reasons. And I have 2 of the 3 you like :) great minds think alike. Thanks for the suggestions. Quick Sculpt Pilates is now on my wishlist as I need to do more pilates & yoga :) thanks!

  6. Bonus entry: I subscribe to Collage's newsletter!