Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Minute Solution: Dance Your Body Thin Review

10 Minute Solution: Dance Your Body Thin
Andrea Leigh Rogers, 2009

Andrea leads this workout alone in a nice open set with fitness gadgets around the perimeter. There are five 10 minute segments that you can mix and match. There are 3 cardio dance routines and 2 dance inspired toning routines. This dvd comes with a cool 2 lb adjustable weighted belt. You wont need any other props for this workout.

I really like that all the segments are very different from one another. The cardio segments are: smooth and sexy moves, get fit club mix, and cardio dance party. The two toning segments are: dance toner and ballet sculpt. The whole dvd has an emphasis on the core-always a nice bonus!

I am not a dancer and am pretty choreo challenged but I did good on this w/o! The moves are pretty easy to catch onto and seemed like dancy versions of athletic moves-perfect for me! I did the cardio w/ the belt on the rebounder and got a kick butt 30 min cardio w/o! The routines move right along and arent boring or repetitve IMO. The toning segments included nice standing ab work, unwieghted upper and lower body work, and some good balance challenges.

I like Andrea as a lead-she has a great personality and is just as cute as a bug. She cues well - I would def get other w/o's from her. I would rate this a low intermediate w/o done as is. But you could easily amp the cardio up by using a rebounder or making your movements bigger & more intense. You could add dumbbells to the strength segments if you wanted to. I really like the belt and see myself using it for many other w/o's and on the rebounder often.


  1. Your veggie patch cake is adorable! I nearly squealed with delight when I saw it (but I didn't because I'm at work).

    You are so talented!

  2. Beautiful cake! And good review. I was thinking I owned this workout (because I have the weighted belt) but I don't. I was sitting here wondering why I had never done the workout. I like how you said the moves are athletic-dance - that I can do. Now I want this workout; after all, I already have the belt...

  3. ahhh thanks Red :) you are too kind!

    Karen, thats so funny-dont you think we would take it as a sign that we have too many dvds when we dont even know what weve got LOL! j/k- no such thing as too many dvds!!!

  4. I like that the dance moves are easy to learn.

  5. I like that the dance moves are like dancy versions of athletic moves - which is about all I can manage dance-wise!

  6. darn it! Am sorry I read this review and how great it was on the rebounder cuz really trying not to buy more workouts :(

  7. This is a good one and you know Im not much into dance. I really like Andrea- and sorry to enable Barb- but it is great on the UR!!!!!

  8. I like the sound of this DVD... and your cake looks yuuuuummy!

  9. thanks for the review because I'm not the most coordinated dancer either.
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